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Hotels in Amalfi Coast

Hotels in Amalfi Coast

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The most commonly spoken language is Italian.

Currency & Cost

The currency used in Amalfi Coast is the euro.

£10 = 3 glasses of wine, or 1 large pizza in a pizzeria.

Local Time

1 hour ahead of UK Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Peak season on the Amalfi Coast is during July and August, when the temperatures are at their hottest. It’s quieter either side of the summer months – either in May and June, or September and October. During this time, the hotels will be cheaper and the weather a little cooler, with fewer tourists. If you want to visit the coast at its quietest, then winter can be a good time to travel. It’s still relatively warm, and the hotels are heavily discounted, although do be aware that some hotels and restaurants will be clo