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Izmir from ...

  • Birmingham to Izmir
    Average flight time 4 hours 27 minutes.
  • London City to Izmir
  • London Gatwick to Izmir
    Average flight time 4 hours 56 minutes.
  • London Heathrow to Izmir
    Average flight time 7 hours 57 minutes.
  • Manchester to Izmir
    Average flight time 4 hours 1 minutes.
  • Stansted to Izmir
    Average flight time 7 hours 35 minutes.
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Belfast City to Izmir 02-May-17 7 nights from £928
Belfast City to Izmir 02-May-17 7 nights from £928

Average Transfer Times from Izmir airport to resorts

  • Bodrum
    1 hrs, 41 mins
  • Gundogan
    35 mins
  • Ozdere
    1 hrs, 10 mins
  • Kusadasi
    1 hrs, 24 mins

Flying to Izmir

Izmir has been called 'The pearl of the Aegean'. It is a fascinating city whose history begins in the mists of legend. Turkey's third largest city, and second most important port, Izmir is the centre of tourism in the region. This modern city still retains traces of its ancient, Levantine and Ottoman past.

The history of Izmir stretches back centuries to around 3000 BC when the Trojans founded the city in Tepekule in the northern suburb of Bayrakli. This was the birthplace of Homer, who was thought to have lived here around the 8th century BC.

The remains of the magnificent ancient city of Pergamon (modern Bergama) are situated some 40 miles north east of Imir. Founded in the early 3rd century BC, Pergamon was the most powerful and extensive kingdom of Western Anatolia throughout the Hellenistic periold. On the hill which rises steeply in the centre of Pergamon is the Acropolis and the world's steepest amphitheatre with seating for 16,000 people and the remains of temples off Athena and Dionysus. The ruins of the Asclepion on the plain below reveal almost all the original features following recent excavations. Named after the god of medicine Asclepios, the Asclepion was one of the foremost health centres of the ancient world.