10 must have items for the pool

You checked in on time, spent a couple of hours milling about the airport before finally getting on that plane. It’s enough to tire out even the most enthusiastic of travellers! You deserve a little rest and relaxation when you get to your accommodation, and where better to find that than at the swimming pool?

Whether your idea of heaven is relaxing on a sun lounger or frolicking about in the water, we’ve got some great suggestions for how to elevate your time by the pool this summer.


Aloe gel, £6.98

The perfect chaser to a day spent sunbathing, aloe gel will help soothe your skin, but remember it’s not replacement for sun cream.


Kindle, £59.99

Glare-proof, a Kindle is perfect for reading by the pool, and means you don’t have to drag along those heavy hardbacks.


Waterproof phone case, £5.29

Keep your phone safe, or even bring it into the pool with you, with this waterproof pouch.


Giant inflatable pizza float, £29.88

We love this fun pizza float, which makes a whole pizza pie if you have eight of them!


This cute water bottle, £15.42

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated by the pool, and you won’t forget to keep sipping with this adorable panda water bottle.


Inflatable volleyball, £12.95

Perfect for the whole family, this inflatable volleyball set will keep you entertained for hours on end. Just make sure any other pool goers don’t mind!


Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, £18.69


These speakers connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can easily listen to your favourite songs whilst you lounge poolside.


Inflatable drink holder, £9.16

Keep your pina colada close to hand with this handy drink holder.


This colourful beach towel, £14.99

Ultra-absorbent and utterly eye-catching, you’ll certainly make an impression with this beach towel.


An inflatable unicorn float, £33.89

If you’ve ever wanted to ride a unicorn, now’s your chance with this awesome pool float.


Remember to also pack your essentials like sun cream, sunglasses and a waterproof pool bag!

Note: prices are accurate as of 31 July 2017.