10 of the Best Caribbean Holidays

From the pink sandy beaches in the Bahamas to the tropical nature of Tobago, in the Caribbean natural surroundings are celebrated and highly sought after. Whether you desire to explore the electric culture in Jamaica, the rich heritage of Cuba or maybe you simply want to relax with a loved one in the Dominican Republic; you’ll be able to find your own slice of paradise in the Caribbean. Check out this guide rounding up 10 of the best Caribbean holidays to experience.  

Explore Cuba’s culture

Stuck in time, Cuba is a snapshot of the past and a destination like no other. With a rich colonial heritage, Cuba sweeps you off your feet with its laidback way of life. In the vibrant city of Havana, soak yourself in the salsa and mambo culture, discover street art and see the preserved art deco architecture. Visit Holguin or Morón to relish in the rustic charm of the historic district. With its colourful cladded buildings, classic cars, traditional cuisine, historic cigar factories and street markets; there’s definitely plenty to see.

Nearby is Guardalavaca, where it’s white sand and crystal clear beaches can be easily relaxed on. Not only rich in heritage, Cuba has an abundance of nature to explore. Hike in the hills, see pink flamingos in the mangroves of Cayo Coco and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the Saturno Cave.

Sail in St Kitts and Nevis

As well as sailing between Trinidad and Tobago and the stunning Cayman Islands, use a boat to move between the undisturbed beauty of St Kitts and Nevis.

Sail through the waves, taking in the setting of the calming ocean that stretches before the shimmering horizon. Looking towards the twin islands, you’ll be met by mountainous hills of dense forestry, warm and welcoming communities and golden beaches. Sport is one of the islands’ biggest passions with many cricket, golf, sailing and wild swimming events throughout the year.

St. Kitts’ stunning landscape was created by volcanoes over 200 years ago, but these are now all dormant. Explore the tranquil setting, through long hikes into the trees and discover the rich heritage of the island in its villages and towns.

Seek out Barbados’ wildlife

All of the Caribbean islands are home to otherworldly natural sights and exotic wildlife, but one of the best destinations to see animals and sea creatures in their natural habitat is Barbados. This botanical island is blooming in its own biosphere that creates conditions suitable for all sorts of species.

The sprawling natural surroundings in Barbados make a great home for the Green Monkey who you’ll see causing mischief around the woodlands – and even around some hotels. The rare European hare, whistling frog and the red-footed tortoise are regularly spotted, as well as over a hundred different bird species. If you head to the shore you’re also bound to see Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles swimming among the coral.  

Visit the Bahamas for amazing tours

The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands brimming with wildlife and some of the best beaches in the world. Perfect for families and couples alike, spend your time travelling from island to island to see the amazing wildlife.

Spot wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins in the crystal clear waters of Bimini or paddle with wild pigs who have taken over the Big Major Cay in Exuma. Flocks of flamingos can be seen settling on Lake Rosa on the Inagua Islands. Further along, on the Exuma islands at Compass Cay, Nurse sharks gather in the shallow harbour waters.

With plenty of wildlife to see in the Caribbean, it’s important to be respectful of the animal’s habitats and only book tours through established conservation and animal reserves to protect endangered species.

Experience adventure in Trinidad and Tobago

If you’re seeking adventure along the picturesque shores of the Caribbean, then you should make your way over to Trinidad and Tobago in the southern, Lesser Antilles. Trinidad is an island paradise that’s bursting with wildlife and exotic bird species who nest across its three mountain ranges. Flowing through the island is a 30-mile long river, featuring natural waterfalls, babbling brooks and cavernous pools. It’s the perfect spot for exploring. Head to the pristine beaches for windsurfing or go diving off the coast to explore the colourful underwater world.

Compared to Trinidad, Tobago is a smaller island at only 115 square miles. But, while Trinidad has a city vibe in parts, Tobago is made up of mostly luscious green valleys, which are framed by a swathe of sand and rolling waves. Hike in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve for unbelievable views across the island.

Tobago’s unique beach setting is perfect for paddleboarding, especially through the phosphorescent lagoons where bioluminescent plankton glows when disturbed in the evening light; a truly unforgettable experience to seek out.

Unwind in Aruba

With more sunny days than most of the other Caribbean islands; find your spot of paradise on the small island of Aruba, which is only 70 square miles wide. Its cultivated calypso music moves and shakes through the positive culture of the local community. Relax in one of the wellness retreats and walk along the glorious miles of powdery white sand beaches.  

If you and your family are after a relaxing holiday, escape to the calm shores. Snorkel among the waves, bike along trails around the whole island and hike into the hills in search of dormant volcanoes. In Arikok National Park you can explore the natural phenomenon of the Fontein Caves with its ancient Arawak Indian cave etchings and paintings.

Hike in Dominica

Natural hot springs, tropical rainforests and a mountainous landscape rewards Dominica as one of the best destinations for a hiking holiday. You can reach Dominica by boat from the nearby Guadeloupe mainland island or from Saint Lucia.

With wildlife and nature in abundance, one of the most famous trails is The Boiling Lake in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This type of trail should only be taken with a guide as the rainforest can be hard to navigate. Start from the village of Laudat and navigate the four-hour trail up to the natural phenomenon of the second largest boiling lake in the world.

This hike is not for the faint-hearted as it can see you clambering over boulders, climbing up steep walkways and through muddy gorges. Venture into the Valley of Desolation and discover the unique ecosystem that’s fuelled by sulfur. At an elevation of 2,640 ft in the mountains, you’ll see the large bubbling pool that’s 76 metres across and resembles a volcano. This epic trail is one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

For an easier trek to accomplish, you could make your way uphill from Laudat to the Freshwater Lake. This trek still offers you exceptional views from its highest peak across the shimmering lake and thick vegetation.  
If all this inspiration is urging you to book your dream Caribbean holiday, find out more and arrange flights and accommodation online today.