10 Signs You Need a Holiday

If you’ve been feeling overworked, exhausted and downright miserable then there’s a high chance you need a holiday. With so many of us needing regular holidays to feel rejuvenated, it’s no wonder we look forward to the next sunshine break out of our routines. Here are some of the top signs we think mean you’re in need of some R&R…

1. Spending more time daydreaming

Always staring into space and wishing you were elsewhere? It could be time change your surroundings for a while.

2. You think that 7 am is a ‘lie in’

Overworked and overtired? Imagine waking up to the sound of lapping waves and swaying palms instead of the snooze button? You’ll be jumping out bed at the crack of dawn.

3. You’ve forgotten what ice cream tastes like

Nothing says “I’m in holiday mode” more than a soft scoop of gelato! What’s your flavor?

4. Your main excitement in life is what’s for dinner tonight

Imagine how much you’d enjoy somebody else cooking for you for a change…

5. Showing signs of impatience

Notice yourself getting more irritable lately? It’s a sure sign you need some downtime to switch off.

6. Your suitcase is collecting dust, poor thing.

If you’re struggling to remember the last time you made use of your travel buddy, then it’s definitely been too long.

7. You’re fed up of seeing fiends’ holiday photos on social media

Without meaning to, you look like the jealous friend. Yes, it’s time to get away and make some of your own holiday memories!

8. Getting into unhealthy eating habits

Reaching for a glass of wine after work or bingeing on junk food more often than normal? Feeling sluggish? You know what to do…

9. People keep telling you that you look tired

And you want to respond with “Thanks, I definitely didn’t notice the bags under my eyes…”

10. You’ve forgotten how to relax and switch off

Luckily, we can help you with that. Search everything from all inclusive holidays to affordable beach breaks that are sure to give you a new lease of life.

Young couple playing in water at beautiful beach


One comment on “10 Signs You Need a Holiday

  • Great, but I’ve got only two signs that show me that is time for holiday: first, after 7 months without holiday for sure is time now and second I feel tired.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, now I realy realize how much the sun miss me!

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