5 Reasons to Book a Holiday to Jamaica

Nestled within the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica sticks out amongst the rest of the islands for its natural mystique and almighty soul. Rugged cliff edges are fringed with scenic beaches, whilst further inland lush vegetation stretches towards towering mountains.

It’s a playful island, with the streets often coming alive with the rhythms of reggae – and the locals are entirely unafraid to enjoy themselves.

Whether you’re the adventurous type or just want to kick back and relax, we’re certain Jamaica will delight.

Caribbean flavour

Caribbean restaurants are becoming more and more popular across the UK, and that’s because the food is delicious. The rich blend of traditional African cooking with the new local spice of the Caribbean gives Jamaican cuisine its kick. The flavour is bold and the style unique with so many different dishes that you will struggle to sample them all. But a visit to one of the jerk shacks is an absolute must if you want to try the world famous jerk chicken. Mind you, it’s pretty hot so maybe go for a curry goat if you want something a little more mild. Or ackee & saltfish. If it’s just a snack you’re after then try the Jamaican patties. Whatever it is you go for, it’ll probably come with plantain, yam, some ‘rice and ting’ and it’ll definitely be tasty!

Jerk Chicken BBQ Jamaica

Amazing beaches

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is a good place to start when talking about amazing beaches. Although it’s not actually 7 miles long (it’s a little over 4 miles), it’s long enough and it’s stunning. Lined with palm trees and sprinkled with fine white sand, the Seven Mile Beach seems like a painting. But it’s very real and you’ll feel that when you’re stepping on the hot sand and cooling off in the shallow Caribbean Sea. There are some great hotels along the beach so you can wake up in paradise every night you’re there.

In the north of the island is the resort of Montego Bay. The major cruise ship port is a specialist in incredible hotels and lush golf courses. It also has some beautiful beaches with colourful coral reefs that are ideal for snorkeling. A couple of favourites along this pristine bay are Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach.

Negril Beach Jamaica

Feel the Rhythm

The island lives and breathes music which is why it has to be one of the 5 reasons to book a holiday to Jamaica. The biggest Roots Reggae concert in Jamaica happens every January in St Ann’s Bay.

Whether or not you’re already a fan of Reggae, we’d definitely recommend checking out the Bob Marley museum in Kingston. It’s become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica and a mecca for music lovers everywhere. It was actually Bob Marley’s house and still has loads of memorabilia including his platinum records and his guitar.

Outdoor adventures

If you can prize yourself away from the amazing beaches, you can find so many fun things to do in Jamaica’s adventure playground. High up on your list should be the breathtaking Blue Mountains. Overlooking Kingston, the mountains dominate the west of the island, with its peak towering above all others at more than 2000 metres. Then there are the gorgeous Gully Falls waterfalls near Ocho Rios. The whole area is a lush rainforest to explore with perfect blue water to dive right into. Or how about tubing in rubber rings down the beautiful White River? You can even go ‘cool runnings’ and ride a bobsled through the rainforest at Mystic Mountain!

Dunn's River Ocho Rios

The heart of Jamaica

Jamaica’s lively spirit can be enjoyed throughout its capital city, Kingston. If you want to experience an authentic slice of the island, then it’s mandatory to spend some time there.

Downtown Kingston is home to historical architecture, street markets and of course William Grant Park. It’s a journey worth making if you want to get a feel for Jamaica’s historical journey. Moving Uptown, Kingston becomes a cosmopolitan hotspot, filled with sprawling resorts and restaurants.

No journey to Jamaica is complete without a good, long visit to its capital city.