7 destinations that are perfect in autumn

The warm weather has come to an end, and here come colder temperatures and shorter days. Of course it’s not all bad, autumn can actually be a very beautiful season and some destinations really come alive this time of year. So in order to help boost some seasonal optimism, and maybe even inspire you, I’ve pulled together 7 places around the world that really are perfect in autumn.


New York
Autumn is an ideal time to visit NYC, not just for the mild temperatures but for its beauty too. Central Park is absolutely stunning this time of year with its abundance of golden and red leaves, making the park look like something out of a painting, don’t believe me then check out the picture.
Lake district autumn

Lake District
The Lake District is stunning at any time of the year, but autumn is particularly striking. I’d recommend a visit to this area of the country for perfect photos and long relaxing walks, stunning!

Neuschwanstein Castle bavaria Germany

The Bavarian Alps are really picturesque in autumn and are often compared to a fairy tale scene. If you’re looking for a peaceful hiking trip then this is where you need to go. Make sure you visit Neuschwanstein Castle, which can be found in the southwest of the country in a village called Hohenschangau.

Budapest autumn

A visit to the Hungarian capital is perfect at this time of year, the temperature is mild and the foliage is stunning. There are lots of festivals and activities going on at this time of year such as the Palinka and Sausage Festival and the Festival of New Wine and Cheese (yum).

Highlands in scotland

Scotland, the Highlands
The Highlands are magnificent in autumn and not too far from home too! The colours are amazing to see, and there are lots of wildlife to spot including red deer and seals. One fifth of Scotland’s land area is covered in trees, which is why it’s the perfect place to enjoy autumn.


Japan, Kyoto
It’s likely that you haven’t heard of Kyoto in Japan, but I’m sure this photo has certainly grabbed your attention. This area of Japan is very popular for its cherry blossoms in the spring, and in autumn they turn into a range of reds and golden browns which create a perfect picture.

Amsterdam in autumn

Amsterdam is a pretty city all year round and this is certainly reinforced in autumn. The city is covered in beautiful shades of red and brown and has a crisp and refreshing air to it. The Vondelpark is wonderful at this time of year, grab a hot chocolate, feed the ducks and take in the scenery, perfect day!

Any that you think I’ve missed?



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The Highlands