7 Signs You Need a Holiday

We all experience them, those everyday tell-tale moments when the penny drops and you realise you’re in need of a holiday. The feeling can creep up on you or be quite sudden.

We’ve had some giggles today, sharing stories of the times when it’s become apparent each of us have needed time away from the everyday routine, like Ian who absentmindedly put his car keys in the fridge when arriving home to then spend the next morning frantically trying to find them or Ellie, arriving at the school gates to look down and see she was still wearing her slippers. Bah!

Not sure about you, but as daily life gets ever busier with more things to juggle, remember or just not forget, the need for regular breaks, weekends away and holidays with friends and family (or own your own to escape) grows simultaneously!

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the most common signs of when you need a holiday and given you some suggestions of where to go for the ultimate solution.

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1. Keep Forgetting Where You Have Left Things?

You know that saying of when your brain feels like a computer with multiple tabs open, some of them frozen and there is music playing but you don’t know where from? This maybe a sign you are juggling too much and need an escape, chill out and do nothing.

We can’t think of anywhere better to turn your daydreams into reality than the Lux North Island Atoll Resort &Villas in the Maldives. This modern retreat offers the perfect antidote to everyday life.

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2. You Think That 7 Am Is A ‘Lie In’

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning….? Imagine waking up to the sound of lapping waves, swaying palms and with nothing on your to-do list. Sounds good doesn’t it!

Re-discover your ‘zen’ at the Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa in Mauritius. You will have the option to lie in your own spot of paradise with a cocktail in hand, recharge your batteries in the spa and indulge in the restaurants. After a holiday here, you’ll feel recharged and ready to greet your alarm again with a smile (well maybe!).

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3. Junk food has become your staple diet

Has the sofa taken hold? Are you resorting to takeaways and microwave meals just a bit too often? Rushing around, grabbing snacks as you go can take its toll on your energy levels and mood.

A few days holiday in one of Europe’s most vibrant cosmopolitan cities and the chance for you to reset your taste buds might be the answer. Check-in to the luxury organic Almodovar Biohotel in Berlin to help cleanse the mind and the soul with some truly delicious, vegetarian and vegan cuisine – just the type of healthy indulgence you deserve. Even the wines are organic, what’s not to love!

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4. Showing Signs Of Impatience

Starting to find yourself snap and not being able to blame it on being ‘hangry’? This is surely a sure sign you need some downtime to switch off.

What better way to let off steam than with a healthy dose of exercise. With a fully equipped gym, indoor pool, tennis courts and spa, the Vitaclass Lanzarote Sports & Wellness Resort is just what you need. Supercharge your energy levels on holiday with the perfect balance between activity and blissful relaxation.

5. You’Re Bored Of Seeing Friends’ Holiday Photos On Social Media

Yes? Now is your time to get away with your loved ones and make some of your own holiday memories!

Catch up with your friends and family in real life at the Hyatt Ziva, Cancun. This fabulous beach-front all inclusive resort has all the activities you need to entertain everyone and with some instagrammable vistas, this could be your perfect holiday.

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6. Feeling In Need Of A Detox?

Reaching for a glass of wine after work and forever feeling sluggish in the morning? You know what to do…

Cutting down on your favourite tipple isn’t difficult when you holiday at The Retreat Palm Dubai Mgallery by Sofitel. Get the relaxation and rejuvenation you need as well as sunshine and luxury, you’ll feel so contented you won’t even notice the bar isn’t serving alcohol.

7. You Know What You Want To Say But Words Keep Coming Out Wrong?

Amongst us all, this was one of the most reoccurring challenges that was mentioned! Luckily we have found that by simply shutting down, jetting off and getting away from it all can help. With over 300,000 hotels to choose you can search everything from all inclusive holidays to affordable beach breaks that are sure to give you a new lease of life.

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  • Great, but I’ve got only two signs that show me that is time for holiday: first, after 7 months without holiday for sure is time now and second I feel tired.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, now I realy realize how much the sun miss me!

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