An engagement in Sorrento

You know what it’s like in the office when you go away on holiday, everyone asks about it before you go, and everyone wants to lowdown (plus the obligatory sweets you’ve bought) when you return. So when one of our lovely training ladies Laura, headed off to Sorrento this summer we wanted to hear all about it, in fact as it was such a special occasion we wanted to write a blog about it! So here is our interview with Laura, enjoy!

Where did you head off to on holiday and when?

My partner and I visited Sorrento, just off the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy at the beginning of August this year. This was purely a break for us to explore our favourite country, but I was soon to learn that this was also the place that we would become engaged!

Laura S Sorrento Beach 1 (1)

Where did you stay? Would you recommend your hotel?

We stayed at the 5 Star Grand La Pace Hotel, just a little out of Sorrento, but we accessed the main town and beach using the hotel’s complimentary shuttle service. The hotel was a very traditional Italian hotel, which was what was so mesmerising about it! Our room had a terrace facing the pool, the pool was great to use after a long hot day exploring, and the hotel offered an excellent restaurant too, where our breakfast was included. The staff at the hotel were so welcoming and helpful, they provided us with all the information we needed during our stay, and you could also book many excursions through them.

Grand Hotel La Pace

What did you think of the area you visited, was there anything that you would recommend doing?

Sorrento is known for being one of the most beautiful places in Italy. We ate out every evening because the town completely fascinated us. From the big beautiful views of the coast, to the small tranquil side streets offering traditional Italian restaurants one after the other, we were completely spoiled for choice. The beach is somewhat different to the usual sandy beach, but this is what made it so charming. Decking upon decking is folded out into the sea, but what was so extraordinary were the deep valleys and beautiful mountains you faced whilst bathing. Just over the seas, you can see the island of Capri which is a fantastic day trip easily accessed by boat, particularly known for its glamour and somewhat, expensive tastes in hotels. The Amalfi Coast Drive is something you can usually only dream off! If you have the confidence, drive it yourself, if not there are many coach tours that take you across this winding steep thrill of a ride, clustered with small beautiful Italian villages, olive groves and the most prettiest of hotels with views that would impress anyone. Finally, Mount Vesuvius is worth a visit as this is one of the several volcanoes which is best known for erupting hundreds and hundreds of years ago, leading to the destruction of nearby Italian cities such as Pompei. Finally what I think I love about this town so much (apart from my partner proposing of course!) is the fact that it differs from our typical yearly holiday and opens your eyes to one of the world’s greatest beauties, which can be reached so easily. Whilst Sorrento experiences high levels of tourism, it remains very traditional, cultured and untouched. It is truly a romantic, sacred and fascinating destination to visit and I would recommend it!

Laura S Sorrento Beach 1 (2)

Do you have any top tips/ recommendations?

Try and stay in the centre of Sorrento where you can access the beach and town easily. If you decide not to, make sure you can easily access the town from your hotel. If you do travel to the Amalfi Coast, do not book yourself an excursion, simply join one of the coach trips. This was its a lot cheaper, and you can just hop on and off when you want, much better. Finally, do not book half board, the local food is not to be missed and you really are spoilt for choice with restaurants.

Congratulations Laura!
Have you been to Sorrento? Do you have any other top tips?