An Instagrammer in the Netherlands

A few weeks ago we handed over our Instagram account to the very talented photographer Tobishinobi. Tobi has made a big name for himself taking dramatic city shots on his Instagram account, so we thought he’s be the perfect person to take our account to the Netherlands. Tobi spent 3 days in Rotterdam and 3 days in Amsterdam where he took many stunning photos of both cities on our very first Instagram takeover. We caught up with Tobi to get his top tips for visiting both cities.

Tobi Rotterdam sunset

Rotterdam can be easily reached from Amsterdam by train as it’s just a short 40 min transfer into the city. Rotterdam is a fantastic city to visit, with plenty of big and bold architecture and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It’s a port city and perfect for photographers, as you can see from Tobi’s photos. Tobi stayed at the Student Hotel Rotterdam, which is an affordable and friendly hotel close to the river.

Tobi Amsterdam

Of course Amsterdam needs no introduction; this lively and picturesque city is a photographers dream with beautiful canals and colourful buildings. Tobi stayed at the Dutch Design Hotel during his time in the city. Tobi found the staff to be super helpful and the hotel was clean and friendly, so if you are looking for an affordable base this is a fantastic option. For river side views the Eden Hotel is a wonderful choice, Tobi also stayed here during his time in the city.

If you fancy taking your camera lens to the cities here are Tobi’s top tips!

Tobi’s 3 top tips for Rotterdam

• The tram system is really easy to navigate so use it to its full extent to get around the city, but remember to tap out when you get off unlike London.

• Not everywhere takes cards and not everywhere takes cash so have both on you at all times.

• You may need to rent a car to get around to all the places you want to visit.

Tobi’s top tips for Amsterdam

• The museums aren’t free to go to but you can buy a pass which gives you access to a number of them.

• Be careful when walking around not step into cycle lanes which are usually clearly demarcated. Moped and bikes can use these lanes and they travel very fast.

• The Sky lounge has an excellent view of Amsterdam Central.

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What’s your favourite city to photograph?