Award winning beaches in St. Pete/Clearwater

In a previous post I’ve discussed how St. Pete/Clearwater is a beach lovers haven. Well now its official, as 2 beaches from the area have been voted in the top 25 USA beaches by TripAdvisor users! St. Pete/Clearwater is the only American destination with 2 beaches in the top 10, with St Pete Beach coming in at number 2 and Clearwater Beach at number 8.

St. Pete/Clearwater is just down the road from Orlando and Tampa and offers a relaxing break from rollercoasters and kamikaze water slides where you can still indulge in stunning coastlines and family friendly activities. So what can you expect from these 2 stunning beach locations?

Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach
I’m sure from the above picture you can get an idea of just how naturally beautiful this area of Florida is. There is also much more to it than the white sand and crystal clear waters (though that’s not a bad place to start). You’ll find plenty of beach activities for all ages, it’s not all about sunbathing you know! Clearwater Beach has something for everyone; if you just want to soak up the natural surroundings then you should visit Sand Key Park, where you can enjoy a quieter beach scene. If you like the hustle and bustle, then the Clearwater Marina and Pier 60 will provide you with plenty of entertainment, shopping, restaurants and live music bars. For a great beach bar head to the Palm Pavillion or to Shepard’s Tikki Beach Bar for perfect sunset cocktails and delicious fresh seafood.

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St. Pete Beach
The St. Pete area is home to America’s longest undeveloped stretch of public beach, which you can find at Pass-a-Grille Beach, which is an unspoiled sandy paradise. St. Pete’s has a huge choice of fun water sports which include paddleboarding, windsurfing and kayaking. If you really want to take in the landscape, paragliding is highly recommended and certainly an experience to remember. For something a little unusual try your hand at a Jet Lev, where you’ll get to fly 30 feet above the water with a futuristic jetpack strapped to your back! For a break away from the glorious beaches, check out Corey Ave where you can get stuck in to the art and gift shops, as well as the Sunday Market. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and bars to relax in here. If seafood’s your thing then you can head to the popular Hurricane Seafood Restaurant, which has 3 stories and 5 different dining rooms, all offering spectacular views of the coast.

If you’re a beach lover and fancy visiting this wonderful area of Florida then you can search our top flights and hotels now on the Travel Republic site. This is a perfect chance to get some much needed relaxation time after a trip to Florida or Tampa. Or if you’re just after the beach then St. Pete/Clearwater has plenty of entertainment to be the only destination on your Florida break.

Have you been to St. Pete/Clearwater? Where would you recommend?

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  • The beaches at Ann Marie Island and Siesta Key are much better than clearwater just been to all 3 over the last 2weeks.

    • Hi Mick, that sounds great, we’d love to see some photos if you have some? Just send a tweet to @travelrepublic .

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