Best Pizza in New York

It may have been invented in Italy, but pizza has undoubtedly become the national dish of New York. You can find pizza joints on nearly every street corner of the city, ranging from cheap and cheerful to something a little more gourmet.

But who boasts the perfect slice of ‘za?

We’re eating our way around the Big Apple to bring you the definitive list of best pizza joints in New York.


Di Fara

Di Fara has made a name for itself over the years thanks to its scrumptious pizza. Run by Domenico DeMarco since the 1960s, the quality of Di Fara’s pizzas has never wavered, and remains one of New York’s finest pizzerias. Based in Brooklyn, you can expect simple pizzas topped with fresh ingredients, including mozzarella, mushrooms and sun dried peppers.



If you’re looking for something slightly more upmarket, head to Artichoke. Although pricier than other pizza restaurants, you can expect only the finest quality ingredients in each of Artichoke’s delicious pizzas. Opt for their famous artichoke pizza – topped with artichoke hearts, spinach and cream sauce – or try their indulgent meatball parmesan pie.

Artichoke pizza



The legendary Lombardi’s has been serving scrumptious pizzas for years, and will most definitely live up to your expectations. Customise your pizza with a range of toppings, including sweet Italian sausage, sautéed garlic spinach and homemade meatballs, all of which complement Lombardi’s sweet tomato sauce.



Both trendy and unique, Roberta’s uses only the freshest ingredients to make their pizzas, ensuring every pie is perfect. Keep it classic with tomato and oregano or mix it up with the Millennium Falco, a pizza topped with tomato, parmigiana, sausage, onion and chilli. Yum!

Roberta's pizza


Sal & Carmine’s

A hit with both tourists and locals like, Sal & Carmine’s has been dishing up pizza since 1959. With a crunchy thin crust and moreish tomato sauce, you can expect a delectable and straightforward slice of pizza from this famous pizzeria.



If you want a slice of Margot’s pizza, you’ll have to act fast! Margot’s is a pop-up pizzeria, appearing once a month in Emily, Brooklyn. You’ll need to be signed up to their email list in advance if you want to go, as they work on an exclusive ticketing system. But once you’ve got a slice of Margot’s pizza in your hand, you’ll be in heaven. With a crispy base and extra fresh toppings, you won’t struggle to see why Margot’s pizza events sell out so quickly!

Margot's Pizza



Good down to the last bite, Keste is a taste of Italy. Keste’s owner Roberto Caporuscio is a member of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, an organisation which certifies authentic Neapolitan pies and their makers, ensuring only the finest Italian pizzas are served.