10 of the Best Solo Trips

Going on holiday alone is more popular than ever. People travel solo for many reasons – whether you have a strong appetite for travel, or simply need a healing break from the world, solo holidays are a unique experience you simply must try.

Plus, solo holidays are more varied than you may have thought. Here are a selection of the best solo holiday ideas for your next independent getaway.

1. City sightseeing in Berlin

If you’re new to independent holidaying, the prospect of long distance travel can be daunting. A European city break is the perfect introduction to solo travel – and you can fly to Berlin in under two hours.

City sightseeing is the perfect solo activity. Lose yourself in the bustling streets, go museum hopping, and snap photos of the beautiful architecture.

Head to the Berlin Wall and the East Side Gallery, where history meets colourful street art, then wander to the central Mitte district to find great restaurants, street food, and bars.

2. Go cycling in Romania

As the world has taken further interest in fitness, cycling holidays have really taken off. Cycling tours offer the chance for solo travellers to meet like-minded cyclists, but it’s also possible to take to the road and go it alone.

Transylvania, in the Romanian Alps, is a region filled with bright, colourful towns and mystery castles – and the winding country roads attract hundred of keen cyclists every year.

Holidays to Romania

3. Take The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia is a popular destination for British holidaymakers. A shared language and shared driving customs make the country easier to navigate – and the beautiful beaming sun will mean you’ll never want to leave. All you need is a week or two, a rental car – and remember to pack your sense of adventure!

Fly into Melbourne, where you’ll find luxury hotels and all the comforts of city life, then head down the coastal road, to discover surf hotspots, beautiful golden beaches, koalas, and even the opportunity to trek through a rainforest.

Holidays to Australia

4. Relax at a Spanish wellness retreat

There’s more to holiday relaxation than lounging on beaches. Wellness retreats are becoming more popular all the time – you can take part in morning yoga sessions, detox the body and destress the mind. Going solo allows you to get the most from a wellness retreat, because you can really disconnect from the world.

There are many wellness resorts and hotels tucked away in southern Spain, a short drive from Malaga and Costa Blanca where you can find inner peace in the quiet hills.

Shanti Som and SHA Wellness Clinic are two popular retreats, offering a range of fitness and ritual packages – and delicious meals provided daily.

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5. Visit Hanoi, Vietnam

When you’re ready to go further, Vietnam is a solo travel paradise. Flying into the bustling city of Hanoi, you’ll be able to explore temples, mausoleums and taste delicious Asian food.

This city is a unique blend of East and West, and the many river boat tours make this a perfect place for solo holidaymakers – a tour guide will transport you out of the city, where you’ll meet many other travellers and wade through the tropical landscape.

When the day is done, you can head back to one of the city’s affordable hotels, and shop til you drop among the crowds, or visit a night market.

Holidays to Vietnam

6. Visit Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is a great place for solo holidays, since its many world-class coffee houses embrace the culture of solitude. These unique spaces are unlike other cafes, and no other city has ever fully replicated them.

You’ll be at home in these spaces no matter your age or interests – they’re the perfect place to lose yourself in a book, and night-owls will love the evening transformation into cosy bars.

Vienna has heaps to do – whether you prefer wandering through sunlit streets, or exploring a fairytale palace.

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7. Island hopping in Croatia

Croatia is becoming ever more popular as a European beach paradise. Its affordable prices and unspoilt islands make Croatia perfect for seeking out some sunshine solo.

Beyond Hvar, there are many tour and boat trips to choose from, with options to suit holidaymakers of all ages and interests.

If you’re looking for a beautiful turquoise seas and golden sand in a singles-friendly location, Croatian island hopping could be the perfect choice this summer.

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8. Experience the history of Ukraine

Ukraine is a great option for travellers who love exploring alone with a camera. This less-known destination has its share of vibrant cities and beautiful beaches, but a rich history really sets it apart.

Coach-loads of tourists circle the Chernobyl region every day, where they find eerie ghost towns and landscapes paused in time. Though this daring location tempts thousands every year, there’s plenty to do and see in the capital city.

Kiev is the motherland of Slavic civilisation, an affordable paradise packed with monasteries and historical monuments – like Mayden square. Cityhotel is the best spot for getting away from it all on a budget, with a central location that’s ideal for seeing all the sights.

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9. See the natural wonders in Norway

Whether you’d prefer mountaineering in southern Norway, or chasing the Northern Lights along the Arctic ridge, Norway is a cool paradise – and very close to home.

If you need to escape the day-to-day routine, the landscape north of Oslo is ideal for calming the mind. The area is popular among mountain hikers and lovers of expedition – and with plenty of tours available, Norway is the ideal place for solitary adventurers.

Fly in to Oslo and take a trip out to Bore Beach, to experience the beautiful Norwegian coastline.

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10. Go on a Californian road trip

A great USA road trip is on the to-do list for many seasoned explorers. From Florida to Washington, there’s plenty to explore – but California has a unique mix of adventure and glamour.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are both American classics, where you can walk among the stars. Take to the Pacific Coast Highway or explore Death Valley for memories to last you a lifetime.

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Your solo holiday can be what you make it – and no matter your age, personality or budget, there’s bound to be something you’ll love.