Boozy Brits? No thanks we’d rather explore

It’s often reported in the press that Brits love nothing more than to indulge in alcohol whilst away, thus giving an illusion of a ‘boozy Brits abroad’ stereotype. Though it’s clear everyone likes to have a good time on holiday, a recent survey that we carried out showed that actually 95% of holidaymakers would prefer to explore and sunbathe, than spend all their time drinking.

In case you missed it, last month we carried out a survey via a live infographic, which asked our customers where they went on holiday, and what they did when they were there. A huge chunk of those asked said they choose to spend their time exploring the local surroundings or sunbathing rather than drinking. Of course we see this in a positive light, showing that not all us Brits attach ourselves to the bar all day, we actually want to learn about where we’re staying. (Although there’s definitely something to be said for enjoying the swim up bar!)


Interestingly out of all the destinations we asked about, Malta turned out to be the driest, where just 4.62% of those asked said they spent most of their time drinking. Malta came up on top for those looking to explore on holiday, which is most likely down to the beautiful architecture and picturesque coastal scenery. Malta was also the least popular destination for sunbathing, which could possibly be down to the fact that it’s more of a city destination than a beach resort.

The destination that was the most popular for drinking was Spain, as it had 6.64% of people choosing to spend most of their time drinking, which is probably down to its relaxed attitude and beach resorts. Egypt came up low for drinking too, which we can assume is because it isn’t a big drinking country, and the diving and heat are bigger incentives to visit.

Ayia Napa Beach

If you’re a dedicated sunbather then perhaps you should consider Cyprus as your next destination, as a whopping 48% of visitors asked choose to top up their tan whilst on holiday here. Cyprus experiences high temperatures in the peak summer (high 30’s!!), and remains hot until October/ November. So if you’re looking for some intense rays and that golden tan, check out Cyprus!

Obviously we are aware that sunbathing can be damaging to your skin, and reassuringly our customers showed they were aware of the dangers, with many choosing to catch a tan whilst still being careful. The option to catch no tan and cover up was the least popular tanning option across all countries, followed by ‘I like to be bronzed’. So it shows we still like get that holiday glow, but aren’t willing to completely fry for the cause, which is reassuring!

If you want to see the full infographic results you can do so here.

Have you been away this summer? What do think, do you agree with our infographic results?