Can you guess the city by its nickname?

new york sky

In celebration of our city sale, I thought I’d take a look at some famous cities and their nicknames. Let’s put your city knowledge to the test and see if you can get guess the cities by their nicknames! Click through to find out the answers!

The Big Apple
Hint- Not sure you need a hint on this one but this is a big city with a lot going on, yellow cabs are a plenty here.

The Red City
Hint- This is a bustling and unpredictable city with lots of character. Amazing for shopping, but be prepared to barter!

The Eternal City
Hint- This city is filled with ancient culture, every corner you turn will lead you to ancient architecture and culture.

Silicon Valley
Hint- This is where all the big boys play! Most of the big tech companies reside in this city; it’s also famous for seals!

Venice of the North
Hint- This city has a relaxed vibe to it and is very popular for city breaks. The Venice reference is drawn from its expansive canal system.

Sin City
Hint-It’s called Sin City for a reason, anything could happen! Big hotels and casinos are on the cards!

The City of Lilies
Hint- A beautiful little city know for its pretty architecture. Leonardo da Vinci was also a fan of this city.

The City of Counts
Hint- A popular cosmopolitan beach city with lots of stunning architecture and culture.

The City of Love
Hint: If you’re looking for romance, come here!

The Pearl of Danube
Hint: The Danube refers to the river that this is city is based around.


How many did you get?