A Magical Christmas Weekend Away For All

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

It’s that magical time of year, and therefore we think it’s a great time to experience the Magical Kingdom. Because if Christmas isn’t an excuse to spoil yourself and the ones you love, then when is?

Now, firstly, this blog isn’t just for families with kids – it’s for everyone, including the big kid in you too!

Whatever your age, a weekend trip to Disneyland Paris (especially around Christmas) will be magical and exciting.

Secondly, forget what you’ve heard, because a trip to Disneyland, in our opinion, is totally worth it… and just plain good fun!

And, when it comes to park passes, if you do find them cheaper anywhere else (which we don’t think you will) we will match the price!*

Currently our passes for December 2015 are all cheaper than buying from Disneyland Paris direct online.

1 day pass/2 parks: Adult £56 Child £51

2 day pass/ 2 parks: Adult £92 Child £83

3 day pass/2 parks: Adult £115 Child £104

Wherever you decide to buy your passes, it is best to do so online, saving yourself money on the gate – our passes are usually 15%-20% less than the gate price.

Here are a few suggestions for how to make the most of a visit, whoever the audience:

Adult breaks and romantic getaways

Because why should the kids have all the fun? C’mon, admit it – deep down we are all big kids at heart, and what a wonderful place to have a romantic break with your significant other. Conjure up the ultimate date night, with a surprise trip away!

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is a theme park for all, and you can rest assured that it has many rides for adults as well as children. Ranging from sedate rides for toddlers (and scardy cats) to the scariest of roller coasters – you will be guaranteed a thrilling time if you wish!  A night out in the park (once the daytime visitors have departed) will have you partying like a cowboy, serenaded Fantasia-style, and getting lost in film – it really is a unique experience for the young at heart.

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

Top it off with a romantic stay in a wood cabins, fit for a fairy-tale princess and set in the woods. Because after all, Paris is the Romance capital of the world, and Mickey and Minnie a dream couple – join them!

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

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Magical family Christmas treat

Treat the kids to a Christmas of a life-time? A trip to Disney is what most children’s dream of, and at this time of year it is even more special. They will really love you for it!

The park is fully decorated and themed, no expenses spared, Mickey and Minnie go to town to ensure their guest feel super Christmassy! With magical twinkling lights, Christmas tress all around, thousands of candy canes, and the promise of meeting the big man himself you cannot fail to leave feeling completely festive.

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

The daily Christmas parade has fast become the highlight of the calendar, with Mickey and all his friends flooding the streets in a daily procession that is truly spectacular, and the now world-famous nightly fireworks, are given a festive ‘Frozen’ make-over that will blow you away.

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

16th December is Star Wars night

OK, so you may not be a fan of Frozen, but where better to celebrate the highly anticipated new Star Wars movie? And even if you’re not a huge Star Wars fan either, it’s iconic right? Here is your chance to explore a new universe, and it will be fun, because you’re in Disneyland! Guests attending the Star Wars evening event, are invited to come in fancy dress, where they can don a costume and show their allegiance to their favourite side of the force! The park will be themed to reflex a galaxy far far away, and there will be an exclusive party at Planet Disneyland, with a themed menu and limited edition merchandise. Plus, a special showing of, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will take place on the Imax 3D screen at midnight!

An Exciting weekend at Disneyland Paris

Whether you are visiting Paris for a weekend away and decide to throw Disneyland into the mix for a day, or whether your destination is just Disneyland itself, we simply wanted to highlight an attraction that many may overlook. We think is sounds like fun, don’t you?

*Price Match