Cities Made Famous by Love

As Valentine’s Day swiftly approaches, we thought now would be a good time to visit some of the cities which have become synonymous with love.

Whether you’ve heard it in a song or watched it in a movie, there are plenty of cities which just seem to ooze romance. Take a look at our top list of cities made famous by love and get planning your next romantic getaway!


New York

We couldn’t write about romantic cities without mentioning New York. Having set the scene for countless romantic movies, including Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and When Harry Met Sally, New York lends itself to the perfect romantic holiday.

When it comes to romantic activities in New York, the list is endless. Of course, one of the most obvious choices is a stroll through Central Park; even at this time of year, it’s still a perfect spot for couples who just want to spend a little quality time together.

If you fancy something different, the Hayden Planetarium is as mesmerising as it is memorable.

Couple have fun outdoor rowing boat on lake at Central park, New York



Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular romantic holiday destinations, thanks to its electric atmosphere, stunning architecture and myriad of activities. Perfect for a long weekend, couples will be able to pack a lot into a short amount of time in this unforgettable city.

One of the highlights of any holiday to Barcelona is visiting the Sagrada Familia, arguably Spain’s most famous church. Designed by famous architect Gaudi, it towers over the rest of the city, and will make for an unforgettable sight.

Couples will also love strolling through the Gothic Quarter, which is home to a myriad of shops, bars and cafes.

Barcelona, Spain - September 28, 2016: Tourists on Bunkers del Carmel (Búnquers del Carmel) enjoying the viewpoint in Barcelona. Young couple is sitting on the wall. Woman photographing the Barcelona cityscape with Montjoic hill and sea in the distance.



Istanbul is one of Europe’s most romantic cities, making it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

There are plenty of romantic activities in Istanbul to keep even the most demanding of couples satisfied. Stroll along the aromatic spice markets, pay a visit to the world famous Haghia Sophia or explore the Topkapi Palace museum, which once housed Ottoman sultans.

Evenings lend a certain charm to Istanbul, which you can admire with a midnight cruise. After all, what could be more romantic than sailing with your loved one, watching the sun rise over the city together?

 Turkish lanterns on the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey



With its astonishing architecture and regal character, Florence is perfect for couples looking to absorb some charming culture together.

Home to Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery and Galleria dell’Accademia (most famous for Michelangelo’s David), you’ll be able to spend hours wandering around the streets of Florence, soaking up the city’s history.

When it comes to romantic meals out, Florence is inundated with countless restaurants specialising in Tuscan cuisine. From bowls of delicious stracciatella, a traditional egg soup seasoned with plenty of parmesan and breadcrumbs, to heaped plates of pasta, one thing is certain with a holiday to Florence: you won’t go hungry!

Loving couple making heart with their hands in front of Ponte Vecchio, Florence



Want to keep your romantic holiday local? A couple’s break in London can be just as perfect as anywhere else in the world – after all, it is the city where Bridget Jones found love.

During the day, London is awash with possibilities. Gain a unique perspective of the city by booking a private pod on the London Eye, which comes complete with champagne – perfect for when you’re admiring one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world.

Once the sun sets, there’s no shortage of chic cocktail bars to visit with your other half. Or, if that’s not your thing, why not make the most of the West End?

London panorama of Millenium wheel, Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament and Hungerford and Golden Jubilee bridges over river Thames at dusk.