How Not To Forget The City Break Essentials

“You’ll never guess what I’ve forgotten to pack” – it’s a phrase we imagine you’ve uttered more than once when you’re unpacking upon arrival on holiday.

Forgotten Something

Can you imagine ever going away and not forgetting a single item?

Try as we might, it seems nothing can stop us from forgetting those all-important holiday essentials, from phone chargers to underwear, it seems we have forgotten it all!

So, what items are we most likely to forget? We decided to put the question to the nation.

We asked 2000 city break travellers about their packing habits. Why? Two reasons – the first is that we love city breaks! The second, the packing method for a weekend in Berlin is very different to a two-week holiday in Cancun, and if we can help, by passing on any tips, or highlighting the most common faux-pas, then it can only be a good thing.

Last minute packers – you know who you are!

last minute packing

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Nearly half of those we asked, revealed that they only start packing a few days before their trip, with over a third admitting to starting just the night before! See where we’re going with this?

Of course you’re going to forget things when you’re packing that late, right? Apparently not! A whopping 64% per cent of you claim that you “never forget anything.”

Phone charger-gate and the gender divide

But despite the above revelation, over a third of you do indeed forget things – well, you’re only human after all!

Remembering Essentials

The most commonly forgotten item is in fact the phone charger, and ladies, we’re afraid you’re more forgetful than the gents in this case. Ladies are also more likely to forget their travel adapter.

phone charger

However, when it comes to toothpaste, men were more likely to forget their tube.

Where in the world did I leave that?

What about location? Are people more likely to forget items when travelling to certain destinations?

Well, it turns out that you’re almost three times more as likely to forget your underwear if you’re travelling to Limerick than Munich – we can only imagine that you’re hoping to find a fresh supply of pants and socks at the end of that rainbow!

The generation game

And what about age? Surely that plays a part in what you prioritise as an essential when packing.

According to our research those of you that are aged 55 and over are consistently more reliable when it comes to remembering certain items – maybe it’s true what they say about becoming wiser as you get older.

And just so you can rub it in the faces of those younger know-it-alls, here are some other generational stats:

Over 55’s are:

  • 9% more likely to remember their swimming costume or shorts than 25-34 year olds
  • 11% more likely to remember their travel adapter than 18-24 year olds
  • 4% more likely to remember to take perfume than 35-44 year olds

swimming costumes

Although, no matter how old you are, you ladies very rarely forget your make-up bag. Our survey found that across the board, less than 2% of those asked forget to take their beauty products on holiday!
Handy solutions and how to become a packing hero

post it

So what are the best ways to remember to pop the essentials into your luggage?

Here are our top tips:

  • try and pack in advance – whilst it may be tempting to leave all of your packing to the last minute. If you’re in a rush you’re bound to forget at least one thing, and it could be anything from your phone charger to your underwear!
  • Keep a checklist – over half of the people we asked said they wrote a checklist to help them remember everything and it looks to have worked
  • Re-organise your packing – If you’re unsure, empty your suitcase and start over – re-packing your things may seem like an extra hassle right now but you’ll thank yourself when you do not have to shell out for an overpriced designer bikini at the airport
  • Don’t hold back on the post-it notes – how many times have you brushed your teeth and then forgotten to pack it the morning of your trip? Plaster the bathroom, bedroom and everything else with reminder notes. If it’s easier, set reminders on your phone