What’s In The Nation’s City Break Suitcases?

We love city breaks! They are a great way to explore a new country, are an excellent addition to your main holiday of the year, are affordable, don’t take up to much annual leave and they are brill fun! And it seems many of you agree with us…

We asked 2000 holidaymakers about their city break habits and the results are in!

So, where are you all going? And what are you taking (and forgetting to take!) with you?

City Breaks
City Breaks

Ooh La La…croissants for breakfast anyone?

So it turns out that Paris is the favourite city of Brits to visit. Over half of the holidaymakers that we asked said that they have visited the city of love for a weekend or midweek break. It’s no wonder really – the French capital has some of the most delicious food and best sights in the world. It also boasts a pretty nifty bit of metal architecture in the centre that you might want to see!

Second place went to Amsterdam with forty per cent of holidaymakers saying that they have visited the capital of the Netherlands, and in third place was Barcelona (36%). What about some other cities to explore? See what takes your fancy on our city break page.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

What item can you not travel without? On top, with 80% – it’s the good old (and very essential) toothbrush! Although this means that 20% will leave home without it! Shocking!

Also on the pack list for some – it turns out that women are more mindful of safety than men, with twice as many women thinking to pack a first aid kit than their male counterparts.

Shop ‘till you drop

Have you ever been forced to leave some belongings behind because you’ve over-shopped on a city break? You’re not alone! Almost a fifth of travellers have had to say au revoir to items when they go home, as there is no room left in their suitcase.

Perhaps they could use some advice from the 42% of you who roll their clothes to save space when packing!

Two thirds of holiday-makers claim to never forget anything when packing (we think someone’s been telling porkies!), but the most forgotten item tends to be a travel adapter – essential for charging all of those important gadgets.

Over half the people that we asked have assured us that they will be jetting off on a city break at some point in 2016, with a lucky ten per cent saying that they have already booked their break!

And finally… it turns out that the average hand luggage suitcase is worth £273! That’s another reason to get your travel insurance sorted then.


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