The Very Best Summer Holiday Cocktails

Whether it’s on a beach drinking a margarita or overlooking the canals of Venice with a Bellini, we believe a good getaway can be made great with a cocktail (or two).

Let’s be honest, one of the highlights of any holiday is treating yourself to a well-deserved drink, and cocktails are often the perfect indulgence. Colourful, fruity, fancy – what’s not to love about a perfectly mixed cocktail? Not only are they delicious, but cocktails help give you a flavour for the destination which made them famous. For example, the mojito is cool, zesty and packs a punch, just like its country of origin, Cuba. Or what about the espresso martini, invented in lively London, which will wake up any night out?

In the last few years, cocktail culture has found a new home in the UK. With cities such as London, Manchester and Glasgow rapidly filling up with cocktail and mixology bars, and even pubs making cocktails a staple on their menus, we think it’s fair to say we Brits have an exotic palate!

Our cocktail-themed travel guide, filled with information of where your favourite cocktails were invented as well as interesting trivia and how to make them, will reaffirm your favourite tipples, not to mention test your knowledge on some of the more obscure cocktails from around the world.

However, although we love drinking cocktails on a night out, nothing beats treating yourself to a drink or two on holiday. It’s what helps us to unwind and really make the most of our time away, and create new memories worth bragging about when you fly back home. Plus who doesn’t love taking a selfie with their friends enjoying a round of cocktails?

Whatever your perfect holiday looks like, you can get a real flavour for it with our unique travel guide. We’ve split our guide into two parts, for both city break and beach holiday lovers, making it even easier for you to find your perfect destination and where to enjoy a famous cocktail when there.

We’ve also enlisted the help of some travel bloggers who share their insider knowledge on the best places to enjoy a cocktail in their local destination.  So if you find yourself in Barcelona and you want to know the best place to drink panther milk (trust us, it’s delicious), we’ve got you covered.

At Travel Republic, we believe in being able to mix the perfect holiday. Our website allows you to select your dream destination, as well as choosing your preferred flights and any extras you might need. Shake well and create an unbelievable getaway worth toasting to.

Bottom’s up!

City Cocktails

Whether you’re sat in an unbelievable rooftop bar in New York, admiring the unforgettable skyline with a Manhattan in tow, or bar hopping in Amsterdam to find who serves the best Amsterdam cocktail, a city break can be elevated to perfection with a few memorable cocktails.

Amsterdam Cocktail – Amsterdam City Break – Netherlands
French75 – Paris City Break – France
Manhattan – New York City Break – USA
Panther Milk – Barcelona City Break – Spain
Icelandic Mule – Reykjavik City Break – Iceland
Espresso Martini – London City Break – UK
Bellini – Venice City Break – Italy

Beach Cocktails

Or perhaps you’re seeking a more laidback holiday, with powder-soft sands, calm azure waters and an empty sun lounger in the likes of Mauritius, Thailand or Sri Lanka made only more perfect with a refreshing cocktail (preferably with one of those little umbrellas in it).

Canary Island Mint Tea – Gran Canaria Beach Holiday – Canary Islands
Siam Sunray – Phuket Beach Holiday – Thailand
Margarita – Mexico Beach Holiday – Mexico
Mojito – Cuba Beach Holiday – Cuba
GT – Goa Beach Holiday – India
Mount Gay Old Fashioned – Barbados Beach Holiday – Caribbean