Five dishes you MUST try across the world

For this week’s Friday Five blog we’ve decided to take you on an all around the world tour of the top cuisines you must try. This blog is perfect if you are curious about the different blends, flavours and spices across the globe, or if you’re just hungry.


Pad Thai, Thai

Mixed with a blend of sweet, sour, hot and bitter flavours Thailand’s distinctive cuisine is definitely one to try. One of Thailand’s famous dishes is the Thai green curry, but why not try Pad Thai? Known to locals as authentic street food, the stir fried dish is a mix of noodles, tofu, beans and meats. This traditional dish has a number of delicious versions, all of which you must try!

Pad thai 1 Pad thai 2

Pulpo a la Gallega, Spanish
Spanish cuisine is famously known for its unique flavours and seafood dishes such as paella, but why not try the weird and wonderful Pulpo a la Gallega? This is a dish made from octopus cooked in a delicious Mediterranean authentic sauce. It’s yummy, promise!

Pulpo a la GallegaPulpo a la Gallega 2
Beef Enchiladas, Mexican

Mexican cuisine known for its spicy and flavoursome unique blends, one of the most popular combinations of ingredients used in Latin American foods is chili and beef.  Beef enchiladas, made from slow cooked beef seasoned with authentic American spices filled in a homemade tortilla drench and slow cooked in a marinated sauce. Get in my mouth now!

Beef EnchiladasBeef Enchiladas 2

Chicken Souvlakia, Greek

Greek food is well known for its grilled and slow cooked marinated meats, unique dips and meze appetizers. Chicken souvlakia is a traditional Greek dish marinated in spices served with rice or pita bread with homemade Greek dressing on a bed of fresh Greek salad.

chicken-souvlaki-chicken souvlaki 2

Jerk chicken, Jamaican

The Caribbean is famous for its spices and flavoursome dishes ranging from curries that originated from India with a Caribbean twist, to hot and spicy grilled meats. Why not try the famous jerk chicken traditionally served with one of the Caribbean’s famous side dishes rice and peas? You can’t get more Jamaican than that!


Jerk Chicken with Rice - Caribbean Style


What’s your favourite cuisine?


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Pad Thai 1

Pad Thai 2 

 Pulpo a la Gallega 1

 Pulpo a la Gallega 2

Beef Enchiladas 1

Beef Enchiladas 2

Chicken Souvlaki 1

Chicken Souvlaki 2

Jerk Chicken 1

Jerk Chicken 2