Friday Five – 5 beautiful destinations that require #nofilter

This week’s Friday Five we have chosen to focus on destinations so beautiful there will be no need to add a filter to your photos. As we all love to take photos of our holiday travels, here are some destinations you can capture without the need for a filter (#nofilter).

What is a filter?.. (#nofilter)

The hashtag phrase #nofilter is one of Instagram biggest trends. Filters are built to enhance photo quality, you can use filters to;

  • Change photo brightness
  • Change photo colour to black and white or sepia
  • Change saturation of images

So if you love taking photos and are looking for destinations to capture beautiful scenery, without applying a filter, then this blog is just what you’ve been looking for.

 Ha long Bay

Ha long bay located in northeast Vietnam and is famously known for its rain forest and blue seas. This is also a popular destination for rock climbers and hikers. In 1994 Ha Long Bay was labelled one of UNESCO world’s heritage sites, its limestone islands attracts tourists all year round and is arguably the number one tourist attraction in the country. If you want to know more, check out this review here.

Vietnam’s Halong Bay 1 Vietnam-Halong-Bay-Night-View



The Maldives

The tropical nation located north of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is famously known for its beautiful beaches. This is the perfect destination for honeymoons, with the islands surrounded by ocean villas which sit on the tropical turquoise seas and crystal white sands.

maldives maldives 1



Famously known for its spectacular beaches, tropical sunsets and warm seas. Phuket is located off the western coast of Thailand and is a popular holiday destination for all ages. The resort is surrounded by some of Thailand’s most popular beaches with clear blue seas, white sand and long tail boats galore, this will make the perfect picture for you to boast with.


phuket new 2phuket new 3


Castell-Platja d’Aro

Platja D’Aro situated in Costa Brava of Spain, this popular holiday destination is well known for its ruins and mountain ranges. Platja D’Aro, which was once originally a quiet fishing village, has now turned into famous a tourist resort. The heart of Platja D’Aro is formed of historic medieval heritage, surrounded by astonishing seafront views across the Mediterranean Sea. Snap away and share, remember no filter needed.

platja 2


The Cinque Terre

Off the coast of the Italian Riviera and made up of 5 towns: With astonishing views and historic buildings with every town having its own unique personality.

Riomaggiore – Known for its rocky beach and castles this will be the perfect spot to capture the heritage of the Cinque Terre.

Manarola – The smallest town of the 5, Manarola is famously known for its split land, this is where the most famous photos of Cinque Terre are taken.

Corniglia – With its cliffs above the ocean seas this the perfect town to take quality photos of Cinque Terre’s landscape

Vernazza– The most popular and photogenic village of the 5, located on the seafront of Cinque Terre with its great historic remains of the great wall which was used to protect the village from pirates.

Monterosso al Mare– The oldest village of the 5, which is made up of a number of sandy beaches

cinque-terre-8 cinque-terre-2

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 Ha Long Bay 1
Ha Long Bay 2 
Maldives 1
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Phuket 1 
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Platja d’Aro
Cinque Terre 1
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