Friday Five – Hotels with Halloween style names

I’m sure you’ve already seen numerous posts about hotels that are haunted, or are the setting of some horror film etc… So I thought I would pick out some hotels that are unintentionally ideal for Halloween. After searching the Travel Republic site for spooky hotel names, I’ve come up with the below list.

The Knife and Cleaver, Bedford, UK
What could be more inviting than a knife and cleaver? The name just screams warm comfy stay right? The hotel has 9 guestrooms and is close to the Bedford Park and Swiss Garden.

Knife and Cleaver

Spider Cage Cottage, County Durham, UK
Spiders in a cage? Why wouldn’t this tempt you? The Spider Cage Cottage is actually a really lovely semi-detached holiday home set in the village of Thornley. I can’t promise you there won’t be any spiders out in the countryside, but they won’t be hanging in cages in the cottage.

Spider cage

Straszny Dwor- Haunted Manor, Poland
This is a small guesthouse in the lesser known area of Mielno. There are 6 rooms available, there is no mention of a potential haunting in the description but it does make you wonder why they’ve chosen to name their guesthouse the haunted manor?

Haunted Manor

The Devil’s Punchbowl Hotel, Surrey, UK
If the devil fancied some punch, I guess this is where he’d head to? The hotel can be found in Hindhead and has plenty of history which dates back to the 1900’s.

Devils punchbowl

Witchery by the Castle, Edinburgh, UK
This hotel certainly has a medieval theme which could be why it has an association with witches. The hotel dates all the way back to 1595 and promises an ‘atmospheric’ and ‘spectacular’ experience. Witchery by the Castle can name Ewan MacGregor, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones as previous guests.