Friday Five- New James Bond Spectre locations

The new James Bond trailer for Spectre is out! From what we can gather so far, the film is going to be big, dramatic and typically Bond. We can see from the trailer is that the film itself is going to be based in several worldwide locations. Over the years the Bond films have been shot in many beautiful and iconic locations so of course Spectre will be no different.

From watching the trailer you can easily spot that London is featured, some of you may have even spotted the cities of Rome and Mexico City, but we’d be seriously impressed if you managed to identify all of them. To make things simple for you we’ve pulled together 5 of the top locations.

Mexico City

Mexico City
We know that Bond’s adventures start in Mexico City, but why is unknown. Mexico City is the capital of the country and it’s bustling, lively and a mash of both skyscrapers and ancient buildings. The trailer starts with a traditional Mexican street party which we suspect is the annual Day of the Dead parade. If you wanted to follow in Bond’s footsteps (minus the explosions) then we have over 270 properties on site.


Because it wouldn’t be a Bond film without some iconic London shots now would it? London is Bond’s home so naturally it would feature in the film. The trailer provides us with a birds eye view of some of the capital’s most famous buildings. A trip to London is within easy grasp to many of us and if you did fancy and overnight trip then you’ll find plenty to choose from on our site.


Another capital city! Rome is also featured in the new film and it’s rumored that some high speed car chases will happen through the historical streets of the city as well as the Vatican. Rome is a city full of architectural history, which we expect to be blown up and damaged in the film. Luckily such a thing won’t happen if you happened to visit the city, where you can enjoy all the wonderful buildings intact. We have over 2,500 properties in Rome so plenty of choice should you want to make like Bond and explore the city (unfortunately arrival by parachute is not an option).


There are several locations from Austria that feature in Spectre but the most prominent in the trailer is Obertilliach. This tiny resort is popular with skiers and hikers and I’m sure you can see from the trailer the snow covered mountains are particularly striking. From what we can gather from the trailer, Obertilliach is where Bond goes into hiding, though we suspect he won’t stay hidden for long. As this part of Austria is so small we only have 8 properties onsite so book ahead!

Tangier morocco

There are 2 main locations from Morocco in the film which are Erfoud and Tangier. Erfoud is used for desert scenes in the film, though what happens there we can’t tell you (as we don’t know!!!). Tangier is a small city which can be found in northern Morrocco. It’s a small and traditional city filled with medinas, small winding streets and markets. All we know about the city and the film is that Bond rides a motorbike through the streets, no doubt in some sort of chase. If you fancy exploring the Sahara desert in Erfoud we have 13 hotels you can stay in. If you want a bit more civilisation you have a bit more choice with 70 properties Tangier  on the Travel Republic site.

Does the new Bond trailer make you want to visit the locations? Or just see them through the film?



Obertilliach and Tangier images

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  • Love the scene from Mexico City. I hope this james bond movie will be as great as skyfall

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