Friday Five- Reasons why we love summer

Our #Dearsummer competition is now in full swing (where you can win a holiday to Thailand by the way), and to help inspire your entries, as well as make you long for summer I’ve decided to list 5 things about summer that we miss and love. Get ready to feel nostalgic, and possibly sad.


You know that bright thing in the sky? Well you may not remember this but in summer it actually releases heat! There really is no better feeling than when the sun is shining; no matter where you are it’s hard to have a bad time. Of course when you’re on holiday you can dedicate even more time to being in the sun, soaking up the rays and basking in the warmth. There is even the argument that the sun is good for your health, vitamin D and endorphins are as good an excuse as any to escape to the sunshine.

flip flops

Summer clothes
Have you been feeling weighed down by your coat and many layers recently? Does having an umbrella as an essential everyday item dampen your spirit? Of course it does, as in summer it’s all about flip flops and shorts/ skirts/ dresses (delete where appropriate). Oh how we long for the days when you can leave the house with just a few items on, enjoying the light breeze and lack of layers.

Feet up beach

The beach
The beach and summer are ideal partners. Lying on the sand (or stones) and listening to the waves as you doze carefree in the sun is one of the best things you can do, ever. For the more active you can take part in water sports, or if you’re like me you can simply enjoy a good book and relax.


Eating outdoors
Picnics, BBQ’s or any alfresco dining is pretty awesome in summer. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside and enjoying good food together. Whether you’re abroad, dining in a beach restaurant or having a picnic in the park, food tastes 100% better in summer.

ice cream

Ice Cream
Eating ice cream in winter doesn’t quite have the same effect does it? Ice cream is cool, refreshing and most importantly delicious; therefore it’s ideal in summer. Enjoying an ice cream on a summer’s day is perfection and for some reason, guilt free when it’s hot (right?).

So there are just a few reasons why we love summer. If you have any more then why not tell us in our #Dearsummer competition?