Friday Five- Tips for keeping kids entertained on a flight

Last week we had a fantastic Google Hangout where we spoke to Susanna Scott from A Modern Mother and Karen Beddow from Mini Travellers all about family travel. One thing that came up in conversation was how to keep kids occupied during flights, as let’s be honest it’s boring even for us adults. Some parents can find the prospect of flying with children daunting so I’ve pulled together some fantastic tips from our hangout that should help you.

Food glorious food
Food is a great distraction regardless of your age so it makes complete sense to keep kids preoccupied with their favourite food. Treats such as crisps, chocolates and sandwiches can be a great way to keep your little ones from becoming restless. Karen recommends packing sandwiches, fruit and yogurt squeezies, sweets and chocolate, basically anything that they like in order to keep them entertained.

Tablets/ Phones
If you have a tablet or smartphone then these are excellent ways to distract the kids. There are many great games for kids that you can download which will keep them busy. Karen also mentions downloading the CBeebies on the iplayer as you can watch programmes offline.

Activity packs
Susanna had a great tip of creating activity packs for the kids which cannot be opened until take off. The packs contain activities such as puzzles, colouring pens and stickers and can be a great way to keep kids entertained. One top tip was small tubes of plasticine as it can be fun for the kids to mold shapes with them.

Karen’s daughters enjoy having Hello Kitty headphones when they travel. Having themed headphones could be a great way to incentivise kids to wear them and watch cartoons.

Flight times
If you have younger children night flights might be a bit too much for them, so it could be more beneficial having a morning flight so they can nap once you get to your destination. As tempting as it might be to catch that 4am flight to get the cheapest fare, you might want to consider how your kids will feel traveling at that hour.

So there you have it 5 tips to keep your kids entertained on flights. You can watch our YouTube video on this above if you want to find out more.

Do you have any other tips that would help parents flying?