#FridayFive – Best Travel Apps



Back in the day, travelling for the first time to a different country would require a range of oddments to help you get around a place without getting lost or falling into a tourist trap.

It would have been impossible to explore a new city without foreign language dictionary, a map the size of a billboard, and a travel guide book.  Nowadays, thanks to the awesomeness of technology, travelling just gets easier and better! This is the age of pocket travellers!

Developers have come up with some of the most useful and quirky travel apps designed to make your life easier, cheaper and smoother when you’re on holiday. Need to check how long the security check queue is at the airport? There’s an app for that!  Need to know the weather forecast a month in advance before you book your holiday? You got it! Need an app that helps you pack your bags? Surprisingly, there is one too!

We have listed below the best 5 apps for iPhone and Android, that will improve your overall travel experience and help you make the most of your trip:

1 – App in The Air

Track your flights!

app in their

This is a great app designed to help passengers track their flights.  It also tells you which gate and terminal you’re going to be flying from and arriving to and gives you other information such as the currency and current weather. Not only that, but it also lets you how long you have to wait in queue to check-in, pass through security and passport control, giving you more time to decide what to pack before you get there!

2 – PackPoint

Make packing less daunting!

app pack point

Packing and unpacking are definitely the most tedious parts of any holiday. When going to a destination you’ve never been before you may have to consider some factors such as dress-codes and restrictions, the weather and any particular activity plans you have during your stay.

This app will be your best friend by helping you organize everything you need to pack, based on the location, how long you are traveling for, the weather forecast, and the activities you planned to do during your trip.

Very useful for travelling to Europe, when you need to pack light and save yourself a few quid by taking only hold luggage!

3 – Entrain

Beat the jet leg!


When you arrive at a new country, you obviously cannot wait to explore it, go out for a drink, and make the most of your time away. Unfortunately jet lag can spoil the first few days of your trip, whilst you adjust to the new time-zone.

Entrain was developed by researches from the University of Michigan who developed lighting schedules that help the human body adjust to new time-zones as quickly as possible.

When you first set up the app, it will ask questions to help figure out what time your body thinks it is. The app then calculates a schedule of when you require bright and low lights,  depending on your sleeping habit and the time-zone you’re travelling to. It helps you slowly shift your sleeping patterns before your trip so that when you get to your destination your body is less impacted by the jet leg.  Genius!

4- XE Currency

Currency converters at its best!


This app is very useful, especially if you’re travelling to more than one country. It converts money from all over the world and tells you the exact conversion rates, so that you know what your money’s worth before you stop at a currency exchange shop.

The app updates itself every time you have internet connection, so that you always have the latest currency rates with you. You can also make a list of all countries you’re traveling to and the app will compare their currencies all together.

5 – PS Postcards

Send postcards without stepping near a letterbox!


This amazing app lets you skip the chore of buying a cheesy post card, tracking down a post office in a foreign country and buying stamps!
The best part is that you can upload your own holiday snaps from your phone, and the app will transform them into a beautiful postcard which you can send from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

Because Instagram is just not enough to make your friends jealous of your holiday pics…