Dispelling 5 Cruise Holiday Myths

We’re here to sink some of those myths and stereotypes that have attached themselves to cruise holidays. So, for seabound sceptics out there, read on to see why we love a good cruise.

1. “They’re really expensive”

Not necessarily. It’s a popular misconception that cruise holidays are unaffordable, when in reality they are often on par with a typical stay at a hotel or in a resort – sometimes they even work out as better value! Consider the fact that meals and entertainment are often included on many cruise lines, plus you typically get to visit a few destinations in one holiday. A cruise getaway gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

A ship waits on the horizon on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean.

2. “I’ll get bored”

Bored? How could you get bored when there is a vast range of entertainment, activities, restaurants and bars, spas, loungers and more on every modern cruise ship? Each ship has something different to offer, so make sure you do a little research and find out which one suits you. Besides, you can also take a look at the breathtaking scenery, enjoy the warmer climate and explore exotic port towns.

3. “Cruises only visit beach resorts”

Wrong again. While it’s true that the popular Mediterranean or Caribbean cruises typically frequent beach destinations, a cruise can offer so much more than a tour of the best places to get a sun tan. Escape to the Orient and cover the highlights of Asia, discover the Middle East and the gems of the Golden Triangle, or meander the Mexican Riviera. There’s so much choice that there will be  something for every taste.

Cruise Ship, Cruise Liners On Hardanger fjorden, Norway

4. “What if I get sick?”

It’s a valid concern, but you’re actually less likely to get ill at sea than you are on land. You’ll often find hand sanitizers available onboard to keep pesky bugs at bay. Worried about seasickness? Don’t let this stop you from taking a cruise. Modern cruise ships offer a super steady journey so you’ll hardly notice you’re at sea, even in choppy weather! Choose a cabin in the middle of the ship where you’ll find the most stability.

5. “The food is limited”

You’d be surprised at what the talented teams of on-board food wizards, or as they are more commonly known, ‘chefs’, can rustle up for you out at sea. Cruise restaurants rival the best onshore, and with a variety of fresh meals served up throughout the day, your only worry should be deciding what to eat!

Dinner at the sailboat

Have we changed your mind about cruising? It’s widespread opinion that the modern day cruise is leaps and bounds beyond what they once were, so make sure you consider a holiday at sea for your next getaway. Head over to our website to find out more.