#FridayFive: Escape the January Blues With A Cruise

Christmas is great fun, but once the fairy lights are taken down and the last of the presents are tidied away, winter seems to last forever. Spring doesn’t start until the 20th of March; that’s almost 100 cold, grey days away! It makes a sunny Florida day sound truly blissful… so why not take a cruise to escape those January blues?

1) Southampton to Fort Lauderdale Cruise

Where To Set Sail In 2016 Florida
Check into your floating resort, the incredible Queen Victoria, right here in the UK and relax your way to the sun-soaked shores of Ponta Delgada, Azores, Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale. There’s nothing quite like lying back and enjoying a treatment in the spa with nothing to occupy your mind except how much you’re looking forward to the delightful afternoon tea later in the day. Goodbye Christmas stress, hello complete relaxation!

2) Dubai Stay & Emirates Cruise

Where To Set Sail In 2016

Ever felt like you’ll not have enough time to really explore and immerse yourself in a destination while cruising? If this is the case, a stay and cruise is the best of both worlds. Enjoy two nights in Dubai, with included desert safaris and a mouth-watering feast at a Bedouin camp – experiences don’t get much more immersive than that! With so much more to see in this stunning part of the world, a cruise is a relaxing way to watch the bright lights of Dubai fade into the night sky as you cruise along the Persian Gulf, passing Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Muscat and Khasab.

3) Majorca Stay & Mediterranean Cruise

Where To Set Sail In 2016 Barcelona
Speaking of exploring, many of us venture out to an all-inclusive in Spain or Greece for those two precious weeks of holiday, but there’s so much more to see in Europe! For those of us who love that complete sense of relaxation you can enjoy at an all-inclusive resort, being taken care of, having nothing to think about except our next cocktail by the pool – we can have that and discover a little more. Imagine if your poolside deckchair afforded you a view of a different coastline every day! Palma to Rome to La Spezia, Savona, Marseille, Barcelona and back – it’s resort-style relaxation with a twist. Do as much or as little as you like.

4) Singapore Stay & South East Asia Cruise

Where To Set Sail In 2016 Singapore
For some lucky holiday-makers, it’s ‘been there done that’ for most of Europe, and that’s where a more exotic cruise can see you escaping to some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations worldwide. If you’re travelling long haul, stay and cruise options really come into their own. It almost feels like two holidays in one, with a long weekend in Singapore before starting your cruise. Stop off in Thailand to laze on the beach in Koh Samui, experience the exciting nightlife in Bangkok, and then enjoy some shopping in Singapore – cruising is a great way to tick all those ‘must-dos’ off the bucket list. Plus, if you wake up after a night out feeling a little worse for wear, everything you need is on board, so you can recover from the night’s excitement while comfortably making your way to the next destination!

5) Barcelona Stay & Western Mediterranean Cruise

Where To Set Sail In 2016 Genoa
European port cities are a really different experience, and are often set amongst hidden gems that don’t make it onto the itinerary for travellers who’ve flown to the major city or resort destinations. A really fun itinerary, which lets you make the most of the main tourist cities and the less well-known ones can take you from a stay in Barcelona to Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina and Valletta, before stopping at Palma and back to Barcelona. It’s a great way to tick off a few destinations from your holiday wish list, just remember to pick up the token souvenir fridge magnet at each stop!