Get the party started: Exploring Tel Aviv’s nightlife

Forget dancing until dawn in Ibiza or seeing the sunrise after a night on the tiles in Ayia Napa, Tel Aviv is currently considered to be the hottest party destination. It’s the party capital of the Middle East, luring those revellers who want to get away from the typical club scenes in Europe.

With a welcoming beachside strip, clusters of bustling nightlife scenes around the city and plenty of fantastic eateries open at all hours to satisfy sore heads and grumbling stomachs, it’s no wonder why this thriving city has bumped itself up the hotlist for holiday makers.

In this post, we’ve rounded up where to consider going out in Tev Aviv from nightclubs to beach bars and everything in between. Don’t worry about those sore feet from dancing, you’ll be having too much of a good time to care.

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Five of the best Tel Aviv night clubs

When it comes to night clubs, Tel Aviv is constantly revamping and updating its establishments. Bars open and close, trying new themes and offers to see what partygoers enjoy best but there are a few that have stood the test of time that you should consider spending a night or two enjoying.

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1.   Alphabet : White City

Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday 10pm – 4am, Thursday – Friday 11pm – 10am, Saturday 11pm – 4am

With a regularly rotating DJ line up and a dark, intimate dancefloor, Alphabet is where you head to find a spot and enjoy the tunes. The club is small but serves up everything you need for an incredible night.

2.   Breakfast Club & Milk Bar : White City

Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday 11pm – 8am

Tel Aviv’s Breakfast Club is a popular after-hours club for those nights when you’re not quite ready to go to bed. The club plays an eclectic mix of tracks until the early hours when other holidaymakers are rising ready for the day.

3.   Bootleg : Tel Aviv City Centre

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 9pm – 5am

Bootleg may only be open three days a week, but those nights are some of the wildest you’ll find while visiting the city. Located in the centre, the club is the perfect spot for those staying in central hotels that can be easily found after the 5am kick-out time. Bootleg was once a theatre but now plays to those who enjoy everything from deep house to techno music until the sun rises.

4.   Pasaz : White City

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 9pm – 4am

This humble underground club is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. It’s a little grungy compared to the extravagant decor found in many of the larger clubs in the city but it’s the ideal spot if you prefer to dance to live music. It’s the ideal choice if you’ve spent the past couple of nights in some of the more popular nightclubs, with its laidback vibe. Walk down the steps to enter and spend the night with a different crowd.

5.   Lima Lima : White City

Opening hours: Monday 10.30pm – 5am, Tuesday 10.30pm – 3am, Wednesday 10.30pm – 4am, Thursday – Friday 10.30pm – 5am, Saturday – Sunday 10.30pm – 4am

Lima Lima isn’t only fun to say but it’s fun to visit too. With the hottest music line ups, an awesome dance floor and a location that makes it a great stop on a bar-hopping tour. Expect fun themes such as 90s nights and hip hop inspired line ups – check out the Facebook page before you visit to see what takes your fancy.

Where to get breakfast after going out in Tel Aviv

Partying all night can really work up an appetite. If you need to fill your stomach after leaving the club, drop into one of these incredible eateries:

Itzik and Ruti

Open: 4am – 11am, Sunday – Thursday


Tuck into one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat with a winning combo of fresh bread and a huge choice of fillings.

Open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Simple is best after all of those cocktails and you’ll find a wide selection of tasty dishes to tuck into at HaMinzar without the fluff.


Open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

From towers of pancakes to grilled bacon and sausage to French toast that could rival any served up in a cafe in Paris, Benedict is where you go to prevent hangovers.

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Things to remember and ask when partying in Tel Aviv

Here, we’ve considered some of the more important aspects of Tel Aviv to ensure you stay safe and have fun.

Nights out start late

Typically, many locals head out very late with some bars not even opening until 11pm. This gives you a great opportunity to grab a big dinner, then head back to the hotel to freshen up (and maybe take a nap) before heading out again later to party until dawn.

You’ll find that many of the bars are open until the very early hours, so it’s a good idea to plan your visit beforehand. Check where bars are located and which ones you can move between during the night.

What is the drinking age in Israel?

The legal drinking age in Israel is 18, this means if you’re celebrating coming of age then Tel Aviv could be the perfect destination for a summer break with friends.

Is Tel Aviv safe to travel to?

Yes, Tel Aviv is considered to be safe. You can travel to the city without worry for your safety but it always pays to be vigilant when out and about. It’s recommended that you remain within the city and the tourist areas to ensure you are safe.

Ready to try Tel Aviv on for size? Make the Israeli city your next go-to for a good time and bear in mind our suggestions above. Check out our latest deals on holidays in Israel here on the Travel Republic site.

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