Hand Luggage Overheads – Where The Most Expensive Hand Luggage Travels

Hand luggageIt seems that additional charges, as well as the ease and convenience of carrying just one bag are having an effect, as more and more of us choose to take just hand luggage when flying, rather than a checked-in suitcase, especially when jetting off on a city break.

But, does which city you go to, also have an impact on what you pack? Do those who travel to certain cities tend to take more expensive hand luggage than those travelling to others? In a recent study we discovered some pretty interesting facts about your hand luggage habits.

Let’s take a look…

Go large in Venice

Cases in Venice
In our recent survey, almost all the travellers we spoke to said that they would rather take only hand luggage with them on a city break rather than a large suitcase, however, there seems to be an interesting exception, our results revealed that those jetting off to Venice, are more likely to check in a suitcase on top of their hand luggage – perhaps something to do with all of those lovely Italian boutiques that you can browse whilst you’re there!

What goes where?

Looking at what people take for different locations was also interesting.

It seems that those who like jetting off to have fun in the sun in Marbella, think most about their appearance – almost half of Marbella travellers said that they take perfume in their hand luggage. Forty per cent say that jewelry is a hand luggage priority, with almost a third saying that they make room for their hair straighteners in their hand luggage.

While Venice bound travellers are most likely to take high heels or smart shoes with them – over a third said that they have these with them on the plane with them!

High heels in Venice

What’s hand luggage worth?

We also delved into the value of people’s hand luggage.

Hand luggae worth

Coming out on top were the travellers going to the Italian region of Veneto, who had an average hand luggage value of £533! Second place goes to those who visit the German city of Dresden, whose average hand luggage valued at £521, with the third highest valued hand luggage going to those who travelling to the Stuttgart, with £415.

Interestingly, these are the three least visited locations in our study. Does this mean that travellers who travel to lesser-known destinations, carry more items with them, as they are unsure of what to expect?

Looking at the lower valued cases, those travelling to the Belgian capital of Brussels tend to take the least expensive hand luggage with them; worth an average of £255. The second lowest hand luggage average goes to the most popular destination in our study – Paris – with an average of £266, and travellers to Venice have an average hand luggage value of £271. These are three of the most popular destinations in our study.

Paris Luggage

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