Holiday packing and how to avoid the dreaded extra charge

Overpacked Suitcase

A recent study carried out by London minicab comparison site Kabbee has revealed that 34% of us don’t wear half of what we’ve packed when we go on holiday. Does this sound familiar? I know this is certainly the case for me (pun intended). I always pack far too much and end up wearing the same thing several times on holiday, despite having to sit on my suitcase in order to shut it.

So why do we do this? I guess a number of things, panic packing (left it to the night before you have a 2am flight so you throw everything in), not planning in advance, or just general panicking about not having enough. Of course over-packing leads to being over the limit of your baggage allowance, which leads to extra charges, and no one wants those! In fact the survey revealed that 24% of people in the UK spend an average of £32.50 on extra luggage, which is an estimated £393 million spent every year!

At Travel Republic we’re all about helping you out, so I’ve come up with some very simple tips on how to pack smart.

Plan ahead
Don’t leave it to the last minute to throw everything in your suitcase. Make sure you have enough time to plan and pack your suitcase for your trip, I’d say an hour is a decent amount of time. Make sure you check the weather of where you are going, is it going to rain, have glorious sunshine, or will you need an extra jumper? This way you’re prepared and have what you need, rather than throwing in something for all types of weather.

Check your baggage allowance
Different airlines have different allowances, so make sure you check the airline’s website before you pack. If you’re extra vigilant you can even put the suitcase on a pair of scales (note balancing can be tricky). You can check some of the top airline baggage allowances on the Travel Republic site here. Another great way to save money is to take only hand luggage. If you’re going away for a weekend or even a week you can pack smart, you’d be surprised at how much you can fit in. Just remember no liquids over 100ml.

Plan your outfits
If you’re super organised you can plan your outfits for each day of your holiday. Obviously this can be difficult if you’re going for a long period of time, but for a week it’s fine. Planning ahead every outfit means that you reduce any wastage of space and weight in your luggage. That means you have more space for gifts and anything else you want to bring home with you!

Sharing is caring
Another top tip for saving on luggage is to share 1 hold luggage between 2 of you and each have hand luggage. This way you’re only paying for 1 suitcase without having to compromise on space. This also works really well if you have children. As children’s clothes are teeny tiny you might as well compact the clothes into 1 suitcase. Make sure you get decent sized hand luggage, there are plenty of suitcases out there which fit the exact requirements, giving you maximum packing space.

Pack and unpack half
You never wear everything you pack and so it would be a great idea to pack everything you think you need and then half it. Let’s be honest you always end up wearing the same thing so pack smart and save space.

Heavy Bottom
If you have a trolley suitcase then you really should consider the fact that your suitcase will be upright when pulling. If you pack the heavy stuff at the bottom of the suitcase and light stuff at the top it will be easier for you to pull, genius!

Roll with it
Everyone knows that rollong your clothes equals more space. If you roll all your items them you’ll manage to squeeze much more in and avoid creases. Another top tip is to tuck your socks into your shoes.

Wrap it up
If you are bringing back or taking any liquids then make sure you roll them up in jeans or a towel to prevent any spillages, no one wants a spillage!


Hopefully you’ll find these tips handy for when you next travel, ensuring that you avoid unnecessary charges, thus having more money to spend on holiday, hooray!