How to get the most out of family travel

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This week we hosted a Hangout on Air with family travel bloggers Susanna Scott (A Modern Mother) and Karen Beddow (Mini Travellers) in which we talked all about family travel. If you want to watch the full hangout you can do so below, but to make things easy for you I’ve also included a nice little summary of what was discussed.

What type of family holidays do you take?
Both Karen and Susanna like to take a mix of holidays, ranging from UK breaks and European holidays. Susanna is also a frequent long haul traveller and recently visited California. Karen aims to have about 3-5 holidays a year, some of which include holidays to popular family destinations such as Lanzarote and Greece, but also breaks in the UK. Susanna aims to have 2 main holidays, which include a long haul holiday, usually to North America to see the grandparents. Like Karen, Susanna also has smaller breaks in the UK and France in between the main holidays which is an excellent way to save money whilst still getting away with the family.

Planning a family holiday
Ok so you want to go on holiday but how do you plan it? Well Susanna recommends planning in advance when it comes to the big trips in the school holidays. As the school holidays can be an expensive time to travel booking ahead can help to save. Susanna suggests that booking within 1 month of travel could work out more expensive, however if you are flexible on your destination last minute bookings could also save you some cash. Interestingly Karen said that she found some great deals in peak summer when looking at non-traditional family destinations. She managed to find a trip to Lake Garda for a reasonable cost in August. So in conclusion, if you have a set date and destination in mind then book ahead, however if you’re flexible on destination or dates then last minute can really work out cost effective.

Family destinations
Both our ladies are very well travelled so we wanted to know where they’ve had great family holidays that they’d recommend. Susanna had a fantastic time in California with her family and really enjoyed the variety that it had to offer. Of course we recognise that this is a large destination and can be treated as a once in a lifetime holiday, but certainly worth it once you arrive. Karen has had some fabulous holidays to Greece and Lanzarote as they are both very easy for families. One thing which Karen found helpful was having cooking facilities in her accommodation but also the option to eat out close by (best of both worlds!). There are lots of great family destinations out there and the popular resorts make things very easy for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel that little bit further with your family, it really depends on your preferences.

Budgeting on your family holiday
We asked our mummy travellers how they budget for their holiday, both before and whilst away, to find out how you get the most out of your holiday budget. Susanna thinks all inclusive board is a great way to save money, as well as ‘taking away any headaches’ when it comes to food. Though bare in mind to research before you go to make sure everyone will be happy. One top tip to sticking to a budget is to bring cash, as once you’re out of cash, you’re out! Karen had a great tip of taking unfrozen ice pops in the suitcase so you can save on ice creams whilst you’re away! Karen is also a massive picnic fan, and recommended taking food with you on a day out to help save the pennies!

These are just a few of the top tips we got from Susanna and Karen, if you’ve got a thirst for more then you can watch the video conversation below! Don’t worry we’ve got plenty more tips where that came from and you can look forward to some more family travel related blogs coming soon!

Do you have any top tips for your family holiday?