How to get the most out of family travel, part 2

Family Beach 2

Last week we hosted a Google Hangout with bloggers Susanna Scott (A Modern Mother) and Karen Baddow (Mini Travellers) to talk all about family travel. If you want to know how we got on you can see our previous blog here. As we had so many questions to ask our experts we decided to catch up with them after the Hangout to squeeze out even more helpful tips. Here is what we covered:

What is your main source of inspiration when booking holidays?
Susanna: My main source of inspiration when deciding on where to go on holiday is asking around friends and at the school gate and of course reading blogs to see where others have been. The best recommendations come from others that have “been there, done that” and you can really get some good ideas and tips.

What do you look for in a hotel for your family holiday?
Karen: A big enough room, and possibly a room with a separate sleeping area for the kids. I don’t want to be tiptoeing around. I would also like some way of keeping drinks cool. In reality for us we prefer apartments/villas for those reasons.

What’s important to you when booking a family holiday? (e.g. airlines, flight times, hotel facilities)
Karen: Specific airlines don’t really bother me at the moment for short haul. We’ve had some great experiences with low cost airlines too.
Fight times are really important to me, at the moment early is absolutely fine but I can’t imagine travelling with all my 3 at 8pm back from Tenerife and landing at 12 at night. This will change though I’m sure. They would definitely be at their most grouchy at that time.

Are you aware of the new APD rules for children? Have you noticed this has helped with affordability?
Karen: Yes I was aware but I don’t think it is going to change flight prices much. I imagine the holiday companies will end up adding it on somewhere. It ‘may’ do, but I’m not too hopeful.

In case you were wondering about APD, we’ve written a blog post here. Travel Republic don’t add any extra costs onto our flights so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible price with us!

Do you have an itinerary planned when you go away? Do you book tickets in advance etc…?
Susanna: I always research in advance what we are going to do in a destination. I find it very enjoyable (though time consuming) and part of the whole holiday experience. It’s nice to have an idea of things to do, but we usually just take the list and then decide a final schedule when we get there. Of course, if there is a major attraction to book, we’ll do that.

To follow on from Susanna’s response, if you are looking to book attraction tickets before you go, make sure you check our attractions page here , as we have some great prices.

What do you think of long haul destinations for family breaks? Have you been on any you can recommend? Are there any considerations you need for longer haul when travelling as a family?
Susanna: California is a wonderful long haul destination break. There are so many options for families – sandy beaches and Surf City USA, city breaks in places like San Francisco, skiing in Lake Tahoe and gorgeous national parks like Yosemite. It’s worth saving your pennies to go!

Do you ever return to the same destination or do you like to try new ones?
Karen: I haven’t ever returned but we loved our holiday to Lefkas last year so much we are going again. I will try a few different places this year though, keeps everything exciting.

If you’re interested in California like Susanna, you can search for deals here. Or if like Karen Lefkas sounds up your street you can search here. If you had another destination in mind then don’t forget we have over 290,000 properties and work with over 100 airlines, so we’re confident you’ll find the right deal for you.

What advice would you give someone going on their first holiday abroad with young children?
Karen: Enjoy it but know it will be different, I wrote a post about this which has some thoughts in.  I also wrote a top ten tips for travelling with toddlers post.

So there you have it, another blog post packed full of helpful tips for family breaks. Do you have any top tips when going on a family holiday? Let us know!