Love Boat – Why Cruising Is Great For Couples

Couple on a Cruise

There is something very romantic about a cruise, which makes it a very special experience for couples.

Is it the luxurious surroundings, the numerous exotic locations or the unique experience of being on a boat together?

Yes, it’s probably all of these things, but we also think that it is very intimate (yes you heard us) – while you may be on a ship with hundreds of others, you can still be alone, even if you’re not alone – does that make sense? No? Stick with us on this one.

Cruising is an experience like no other, and it is sharing these special moments with the one you love, that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Because on a cruise holiday you make it your own; enjoy relaxing by the pool together, or jump off at port for some exploring (just the two of you), then back for a well-deserved joint massage and intimate candlelit dinner.

Dance on deck under the stars, or recreate the Leo and Kate scene out of Titanic…Ok, we’re running away with ourselves here, but hopefully you’re getting the gist! It’s just sooooo romantic because you can make it so.

Ask those who cruise – they all say it is a truly great couple’s holiday!

Couple on a Cruise

With Valentine’s just round the corner, it’s the season of love, so how about gifting your loved one with a very special experience? Or you can even book a last-minute cruise for February, with Travel Republic Cruise’s exclusive deals.

Need some inspiration?

Here are our suggestions for the top-three romantic cruise itineraries:

1) Venice stay & Mediterranean Vistas


Number one on our list is Venice, because who can deny that Venice is a truly romantic destination? George Clooney married his wife there last year, so if it’s good enough for George and Amal, well, then we think it’s pretty darn good!

With this cruise you get to experience not only the gloriously cultural city but also immerse yourself in the best of the Mediterranean, in a cruise and stay adventure, on board a luxurious liner.

The trip begins with an overnight stay in Venice, before you sail through the stunning Mediterranean. There’s so much to discover in this diverse and beautiful part of the world, including destinations like the walled medieval cities of Dubrovnik in Croatia and Kotor in Montegro, where you can explore their enchanting old towns and take in the stunning mountain scenery.

Perfect for a couple who like to discover and explore new places!

2) Singapore to Sydney

Koh Samui

Second on our list is this Asian delight, culminating with Australia! Begin this amazing couple’s experience with a hotel stay in Singapore, for a river-side dinner and a stroll, then board the Emerald Princess and set sail for the famous tranquility of Ko Samui. Tropical forest blankets the steep mountains of this beautiful island and clear blue waters gently lap the white-sand beaches – paradise!

Experiencing the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and then more R and R in Bali, before heading to Oz. After various stops in Australia, this cruise culminates with a stay in Sydney!

Perfect for couples who like sun, sea and sandy shorelines.

3) Dubai Cruise


We had to end with a bang! This epic cruise will be the ultimate experience for you and your loved one! Totalling 23 nights; 20 nights full-board cruise on board the Queen Mary 2! And 3 nights in the world’s tallest hotel, the 5-star JW Marriott Marquis, in Dubai! Topped off with world-class entertainment – this trip is really special!

So, after three days in glittering Dubai, an enchanted evening will take place in the intimate surrounds of the glamorous Jumeirah Beach hotel, where stunning views of the brightly lit Burj Al Arab will greet you. Magical!

The following day sees you embark the Queen Mary 2. One of the world’s most opulent cruise liners, this iconic ship is a return to the golden era of cruising.  Enjoy a slow sail back from Dubai to the UK, via many wonderful places.

Perfect for the couple who loves luxury, wining and dining.

Finally, if you really want to push the boat out (excuse the pun), a cruise holiday can also be the perfect option for a honeymoon or even a wedding!

Cruise Wedding

Did you know you can get married on a cruise liner?

Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, P&O and Cunard are just some of the cruise liners that are widely used for getting married or renewing wedding vows, all offer wonderful settings and magnificent stress-free celebrations!

An epic way to make your special day, super special, for both you and your guests! With a stunning venue, unique ceremony, world-class dining, incredible entertainment and views like no others – just think of the wedding photos!

Love Boat - Cruises for couples

And, what a great way to start married life! Time together on a a luxury cruise liner with  cultural shore excursions, relaxation in the sun, and romantic candlelit dinners.

So, the question is – where will your love boat take you?