Marathon des Sables

Travel Republic is excited to announce it will be sponsoring a team from the 1st Battalion Irish Guard in the Marathon Des Sables! The 1st Battalion will be running to raise money for the Heads Together charity, encouraging people to talk more openly about mental health.

The Marathon Des Sables is the race of legends, as participants make their way through one of the world’s most inhospitable environments: the Sahara Desert.

Lasting seven days, Marathon Des Sables runners will cover 250+ kilometres with gruelling temperatures of 50+ degrees, and will be completely self-sufficient except for water rations and sleeping tents. Having first started in 1986, the Marathon Des Sables now boasts over 1,000 runners annually, with the fastest recorded Brit being Ian Sharman in 2008, completing the marathon in 25 hours.

We’ll be covering the team’s progress, from the moment we fly them out to Dubai, where they will acclimatise to the heat and ramp up their training, to travelling to Morocco and finally heading to the Sahara Desert for the race itself.

Keep an eye on our social media this week as the team continue their training in Dubai. We’ll also be covering the marathon once it starts, so you can keep up to date with their progress!