Marathon des Sables: Meet the Team!

As the Marathon des Sables draws closer, we thought now would be a good time for you to meet our runners!

If you hadn’t heard the news, we’re sponsoring a team from the 1st Battalion Irish Guard as they get ready to compete in the gruelling Marathon des Sables. The Irish Guards, part of the Guards Division, is a regiment currently based in Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow.  The current regiment was formed on 1 April 1900 by order of Queen Victoria in recognition of the many courageous acts carried out by Irish soldiers in the Second Boer War.

Without further ado, say hello to the team:

Captain Dave Stodel

Current Role: Anti-Tanks Platoon Commander

Year Joined: 2012

Experience in the Army: UN Cyprus Tour, Exchange to the New Zealand Army, Exercises in Kenya, The Falklands and Belize


Lieutenant Will Moore

Current Role: Recce Platoon Commander

Year Joined: 2013

Experience in the Army: Jungle Warfare Instructor, Exercises in Kenya, The Oman and Belize


Lieutenant Joe Knight

Current Role: Second in Command, Number 2 Company

Year Joined: 2014

Experience in the Army: Exercise in Belize


WO2 (CSM) Frankie Whelan

Current Role: Company Sergeant Major, Support Company

Year Joined: 1995

Experience in the Army: Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Snipers’ Platoon Commander, Recce Platoon 2IC


Staff Sergeant Leah Coxon

Current Role: Financial Systems Administrator

Year Joined: 2000

Experience in the Army: 10 years in The Royal Artillery, Afghanistan, Iraq and UN Tour, Cyprus, Nordic and Alpine Ski Instructor, GB Biathlon Development Squad


Sergeant Tony Owens

Current Role: Platoon Sergeant, Number 5 Platoon

Year Joined: 2003

Experience in the Army: Iraq, Afghanistan and UN Cyprus Tour, Jungle Warfare Instructor


Lance Corporal Kieran Tuffnell

Current Role: Section Second in Command, 6 Platoon

Year Joined: 2012

Experience in the Army: UN Cyprus Tour, Exercises in Kenya, Latvia, The Falklands and Belize, Physical Training Instructor