Festivals in the Med this Summer

With the summer now upon us, we’re well and truly into festival season. Maybe you’ve recently trudged through the mud at Glastonbury and now need a sunnier alternative? Or perhaps you want a completely different experience altogether? Well, take a look at these amazing festivals happening in the beautiful Mediterranean this summer!

Malaga Feria

How does a week-long street festival in the Costa del sol sound? The annual celebration of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is a colourful ‘fiesta’ with flamenco dancers everywhere and glasses overflowing with fino (sherry). It takes place in August in towns all over from Malaga to Seville.

Flamenco Dresses Malaga Feria

Summer Tango

Every July in the Mediterranean town of Poreč in Croatia, you can learn to Tango day and night. They have workshops for people of all abilities, shows, and you can even dance in the water at one of their pool parties. The festival is about to get started so you’d better hurry up if you want to join in the fun!

Embody dance festival

For the yoga lovers out there, the Embody Dance Festival encourages you to concentrate on your body through movement. They focus on yoga and meditation but you can also unwind by dancing to some mellow, feel-good music. What better place to meditate than the tranquil island of Corfu?

Raw fruit festival

No, this isn’t a quirky or ironic name. The Raw Fruit Festival in Andalucía is exactly what it says it is. From 28 August – 3 September you can enjoy an endless variety of raw, vegan foods like the perfectly ripe local figs, mango, papaya and the juicy melons – all the while basking in the Spanish sunshine and listening to live local music in a hammock. Not bad eh?

Figs Raw Fruit Festival Andalusia

The Bubble Fest

Just south of Italy’s boot is the small island of Malta. If this wasn’t already on your list of places to go, maybe the Bubble Fest is a good reason to pop it on there. The contemporary art and music festival in September focuses on positive awareness. It offers workshops, events and performances that tackle issues facing the environment and conservation. There is a beautiful art garden and a peace grove among many other things to explore. Oh, and all profits go to charitable causes!

Cap Roig

This hugely popular music festival is situated in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the Mediterranean, not too far from Barcelona. Combining nature and culture, the festival runs throughout July and August and features local and international acts like Rod Stewart, The Corrs and Santana!

La Tomatina

One you would have probably already heard of but have you actually considered going? This squishy festival in the Valencian town of Buñol has happened on the last Wednesday in August every year since 1945. The aim of the game is quite simply to have an epic “tomato fight”. Nobody is really sure how the whole thing started but that doesn’t stop the locals from taking to the streets to paint the town – and each other – red with tomatoes. Top tip – bring some goggles!

Tomatina festival Buñol Valencia