Nearby Break or Faraway Escape?

With holidays available to destinations around the world, it can make the decision on where to holiday all the harder, can’t it?

Spending two weeks sunning yourself on a beautiful beach and exploring the warm waters of Bali is going to be an unforgettable experience, and yet destinations closer to home such as Bulgaria and Antalya are warm, vibrant and excellent value for money.

A Balinese temple set on the water

So, to help you make up your mind and find the holiday that ticks everything on your wish list, here’s a round-up of the benefits of going both long haul and short haul…

Faraway escapes to beautiful destinations

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of long haul destinations that can be as cheap as going to locations closer to home. This means that the world really is your oyster, as you can spend more time in unusual and exotic places without breaking the bank.

Large hubs – airports that act as transfer points – allow you to move seamlessly from one flight to another, making long haul flights all the easier. For example, if you fancied splitting the journey in two, you could first fly into Dubai with Emirates, departing from a number of major airports in the UK.

Then you can hop onto your next flight to the Far East and Australasia after experiencing the amazing amenities at Dubai’s airports, such as the swimming pools, zen gardens and ‘snooze cube’ – all places to relax and unwind!

Couple snorkelling together in a tropical location

Long haul flights are now more comfortable than ever too; Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is, as you might expect, a ‘dream’ to fly on. It’s spacious, has clever LED technology (such as lavender lighting to help you sleep and ambient orange lighting during meal service), as well as buttons that allow you to dim your window for a snooze, or make it fully transparent to catch your first glimpse of your destination appearing over the horizon!

Similarly, a long haul flight means you’ll get to try the world’s largest passenger aircraft: the incredible Airbus A380. It can hold 469 passengers across two decks, is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world, and even has audio and video systems for every single passenger – perfect for keeping the kids entertained during a long flight!

Beach holidays a little closer to home

There are also plenty of reasons to holiday closer to home. A holiday to a Mediterranean destination is the perfect choice if you want a relaxing week in the sun, with minimum time on a plane and maximum time on the beach.

Whilst long haul destinations often have their peak seasons and most stable weather during our winter (always check when the rainy or stormy seasons are to avoid disappointment),  destinations a little closer to home have their warmest, sunniest weather in our summer, so can be perfect for a beach break during the summer holiday or October half term. Last minute bookings to short haul destinations are also still available if you’ve got a great sense of adventure or fancy being spontaneous.

A cluster of houses along the Spanish coast

Of course, travelling is an important consideration if you’re holidaying with the family, and short haul could be the right choice if you’re a little bit concerned about keeping children entertained whilst travelling (although as we mentioned, long haul flights are now more equipped than ever).

And as well as shorter travel time, there’s also the added bonus of getting a fantastic price for a holiday closer to home. Low cost airlines and budget hotels fiercely compete against one another, meaning that holidaymakers can benefit from great value and plenty of options.

Not only are these destinations excellent value when it comes to booking your flights and accommodation, but you’ll also find that these destinations are perfect for stretching your budget and helping your cash go further, with fantastic all inclusive options meaning you have more money to spend on souvenirs or activities when you’re there!

There are good reasons that locations such as Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Algarve are so popular: you’re guaranteed to get warm weather, delicious food and plenty of relaxation without needing to venture too far.

A secluded cove in the Algarve

Whichever option you choose, a nearby holiday or something further away, rest assured that you’re going to enjoy an amazing time!