October Festival Ibiza

You may think that festival season has come to an end, but you’re wrong. Next month a brand new and exciting festival is launching in Ibiza. Aptly named October Festival Ibiza, the event runs from 9-12 October, and is held in the famous San Antonio area of the White Isle.

Brand New Heavies Ibiza Festival

The festival is the brainchild of the San Antonio council and aims at extending the summer season in Ibiza, as well as celebrating art, local gastronomy, and of course music. The music through the festival takes a different stance on the usual electro scene of the summer and celebrates the 60’s and 70’s era. The biggest performers of the festival are the Brand New Heavies, who are performing at Ibiza Rocks on the 10th, and Boy George, who is playing a sunset set at Café Mambo on the 9th. There are many other performances throughout the weekend, all of which can be found at these 2 venues. Fancy dress is encouraged throughout the festival, so please do dust off your platforms.

Alongside the festival is the Restaurant event, which features over 40 different local restaurants, all showcasing their talents in miniature form. You’ll get to sample high-end dining and because the servings are small, you get to try more, perfect! The event is a great way to sample authentic local cuisine and get to know all of the best restaurants on the island.

Octoberfestival ibiza

The festival also puts on a range of water sports and activities during the celebrations, which includes sailing, jet and water skiing. The main sporting event of the festival is the Sunset and Run, which is a 5k fun run, raising money for the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Fancy dress is encouraged and the course involves several obstacles. All ages are encouraged and it’s certainly not a race to be taken seriously. If you wanted to take part you can register here, the race is on 11 Oct at 5pm.

As well as music, food and sport, art is also a big part of October Festival Ibiza, with many exhibitions and art displays taking part in San Antonio. You’ll also find the famous hippie markets taking residence in the town throughout the month. The hippie markets are very popular with tourists, and have many handicrafts and locally created produce for you to take home.

The October Festival Ibiza is an exciting new festival, and certainly steps away from the usual summer party scene of San Antonio. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the last of the summer and experience local culture, whilst still being able to dance the night away. It’s a light hearted and fun way to close the summer season, and I predict is going to be a great success. If you want to read more about October Festival Ibiza, you can visit the main site here.

Of course if you’re looking to visit during the festival, you’ll need some accommodation, and it just so happens that we have lots of lovely hotels. I’ve listed some of the best hotels for an October Festival Ibiza base:

Ibiza Rocks Hotel (3 star) -Also includes free tickets to the Brand New Heavies concert
Blau Parc Hotel (4 star)
Brisa Hotel (2 star)
Azuline Hotel Pacific (3 star)
Lakiki Apartments (2 star)
Intertur Hotel Hawaii Ibiza (3 star)
Azuline Hotel Bergantin (3 star)
Bellamar Hotel (4 star)

That should be everything you need to know, now all you have to worry about is what to wear!