5 Photogenic Locations in Marrakech

The vibrant Red City of Marrakech offers a world of photo opportunities. Photo lovers will appreciate everything from the Atlas Mountains landscape to the pulsating Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

Colour is everywhere; from the spices and ceramics in the souks, to the brightly coloured walls of mosques and local houses. It’s what makes Morocco so warm and inviting, not to mention how the city comes alive at night with entertainment.

So on your next city break to Marrakech, be sure to check out these unmissable and unique locations for that perfect postcard picture!

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Saadian Tombs

Saadian Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour Ed Dahbi ordered the tombs to be built in the 16th century to honour the lives of his family members. The site is home to over 200 tombs of members of the Saadian dynasty, split into two sections: the mausoleums and the gardens. The attractive main mausoleum or ‘The Chamber of 12 Columns’ is made from Italian Carrara marble, pure gold and decorative tiles. This is where Ahmad al-Mansur and his family rest. The gardens house more than 100 tombs and graves of extended family members and friends, surrounded by roses and palm trees.

Jemaa el-Fnaa

The central point in Marrkech, locals and tourists flock here for street food, live music and entertainment. With everything from snake charmers to henna tattoo artists, an evening spent here is full of surprises! For a priceless view over the square, head to the Le Grand Balcon Café located on the southern corner of Jemaa el-Fnaa square. You’ll need to buy at least a drink to enter the balcony, but at sunset the view is incredible. It’s worth noting to be mindful of pickpockets and opportunists around the square.

Jardin Majorelle (YSL Gardens)

One of the most visited sites in Morocco; the gardens were originally designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle in the 1920s. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought the Jardin Majorelle in 1980 to restore and maintain the garden’s beauty. This included adding more plant species, installing irrigation systems and transforming the painters’ studio into a public museum.

These days, the distinctive cobalt blue walls (Majorelle Blue), water fountains and towering green cacti make this place a dreamy photo location. Yves Saint Laurent cited that the gardens inspired him profoundly, and when he died in 2008, his ashes were scattered in the rose garden of the Villa Oasis.

The Koutoubia Mosque

Still an active place of worship, this is the largest mosque in Marrakech at 77 meters high. The striking orange brick building is decorated with curved windows, a strip of ceramic and decorative arches. While non-muslims can’t enter the mosque, the gardens and grounds are free to roam offering incredible photo opportunities.

El Bahia Palace

One of the best preserved sites in the city, Bahia Palace dates back to the 18t and 19th century when it was built for former slave Si Moussa, Grand Vizier of the Sultan. It’s open to the public, and sits on over two acres of land. Translating to ‘brilliance’ in Arabic, the elegant palace houses 150 Moroccan style rooms including a harem and opens onto a grand courtyard. Throughout the palace, these rooms are adorned in mosaic tiles, stained glass windows and carved woodwork making it a truly breathtaking location to capture on camera.