Still Amazing – 7 Reasons To Holiday In Cuba

Cuba Sign

There’s been some speculation surrounding how Cuba could change once America relaxes its embargo, with several experts going as far as advising holidaymakers to visit the island beforehand.

If changes do occur it certainly won’t be over night, and all the amazing things that made it great for visitors will still be there – so we think it’s still an awesome place to visit.

Check out these 7 amazing reasons to take a holiday in Cuba:

1) Beaches

The Caribbean is known for its beaches, and Cuba is no exception, with over 300 beauties to choose from.

Guardalavaca is often touted as Cuba’s prettiest beach resort and is dotted with palm trees and parasols for very picturesque and shaded lounging.

Guardalavaca Beach Resort, Cuba

A little quieter and less well-known is Cayo Jutías, the idyllic Starfish Beach is decorated with cool driftwood sculptures – and you’ll often see huge, real life, orange starfish in the shallows!

Starfish Cuba

Maria La Gorda Beach on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula has incredible black coral and the best marine biodiversity, providing incredible diving.

Or, spend time lazing on the longest and most impressive beach in Cuba, Varaderowith powdery sand, palm trees, and bright blue water.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

2) Havana and Cuba’s smaller towns too


We’d recommend that anyone holidaying in Cuba doesn’t miss Havana – it is the epitome of Cuba. It has a unique and wonderful atmosphere like no other place in the world, chilled yet buzzy, with the perfect blend of history (some very retro), culture and modern ways.

However, mostly it’s the people who set it apart. A visit  will give you an insight into real Cuban life – one that is often lived socially and on the streets!

Havana 2

Aside from Havana, Cuba has many little gems. Our two favourite are, Trinidad, a colonial style picture-postcard town with quiet cobbled streets and brightly painted houses.

Trinidad, Cuba

Then there’s Baracoa, which is almost impossible to describe, it has an essence that some say is mystical, enchanting and a little, well, weird. It’s remote location (way over the other side of the island) and narrow bendy roads make it harder to reach, but it’s totally worth it.

Incredible waterfalls and a black rugged coastline (both the cliffs and sand are black) will wow you once you get there – a true sight to behold!

3) Cigars

We couldn’t write a blog about Cuba without mentioning cigars. Possibly Cuba’s most famous attraction, tobacco is both grown and harvested across much of the island, which is why cigars are so abundant, of good quality, and cheap – many say they are the best in the world.

Cuban Cigar

The funny thing is, even if they don’t smoke, many tourist try them, just to see what all the hype is about – well when in Rome…

Pinar del Río is home to the country’s top tobacco plantations and you can visit a working tobacco plantation and take a puff on the many different cigars made there.

4) Scenery

Cuba is home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites, which is pretty incredible considering the island is half the size of the UK.

Top on the list for any visitor should be Desembarco del Granma National Park, while it is named after the Yacht that carried Castro in the revolution, which overthrew Fulgencio Batista, the park is a beautiful and serene place.

Desembarco del Granma National Park, Cuba

Very worth a half a day, or more, strolling round and admiring the beautiful waterfalls and limestone marine terraces – created due to their location between tectonic plates, a splash in the cool water can be a wonderful relief from the heat.

5) Music and dance

Cuba Music

Salsa and Jazz fill the many cities and towns – locals play music and dance together in the streets.

Seriously, can you think of anything more emotive and passionate than live music and dancing in the streets? From young to old, everyone joins in and tourist are very welcome too.

Cuba Salsa

Cubans are music lovers, and you cannot help but get wrapped up in it. Join the hottest dancers in the city in Havana’s Salsa clubs, trust us, you will never forget it!

6) Cars

Cuban Cars

Cuban streets are filled with wonderfully colourful, vintage, American style cars.

The reason? America stopped all imports in 1960 when Fidel Castro came to power.

The result? Improvising Cubans, finding ingenious ways to keep their treasured American classics running by using bits from other cars and even making parts out of anything they can find.

Russian engines hidden inside Chevrolets and Mercury Monterey convertibles with bits of Ford and Studebaker are commonplace – this necessity to make-do-and-mend has created a wonderful mish-mash of auto ingenuity!

7) Rum


The last, but by no means least, reason to holiday in Cuba is the rum.

You have probably tasted Cuban rum, as it is widely available across the world – but drinking rum in Cuba is best obviously.

Rum of every variety is made in Cuba – dark, light, golden, spiced or coconut to list a few.

The Mojito cocktail originates from Cuba, a mix of dark rum, Coke, lime and mint – cheers to Cuba, or should we say, salud!

That just leaves us to say… HAVANA-MAZING TIME IN CUBA!