How To Tick Several Places Off Your Travel Bucket List In JUST One Trip

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

You may not have thought about it like this before, but a ‘cruise and stay’ holiday is one of the best ways to get the most out of a trip.

Why? Because in just one holiday you get to see so many places you won’t believe it, and it may not cost as much as you think.

How is a ‘cruise and stay’ holiday different from a normal cruise?

On a standard cruise, you set off from port on your cruise liner, cruise around and then return to the same port.

With a ‘cruise and stay’, you fly to a destination (which gets you to your first long-haul destination more quickly), stay in a hotel for a short while while you explore, then board your ship and move on (and on) until you fly home.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

So it’s more like a standard tour holiday  – except your hotel floats!

A cruise makes great use of your time, because during the “down time” (sailing from one place to another) you can do all the relaxing things you’d do when on holiday in a normal hotel, such as lie by the pool, swim, eat and drink.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Plus, many cruise liners have further exceptional facilities available for its guests to enjoy, such as outstanding entertainment, high-end spas, casinos, shops, and activities such as; rock climbing, FlowRider and zip wires, which are especially great for those who are active or travelling with children.


However, the best bit really is that while you are enjoying all these things, your “hotel” is moving from one place to another – meaning you get to see so many places in just one trip!

We completely understand that a lengthier stay in one place is more suited to many, and that time away is often about relaxing in the sun, therefore traditional holidays are a great choice lots of the time, but for those who do have long travel bucket lists, a cruise really could be the answer, and one they may not have previously considered.

Imagine sailing into a new port (sometimes each day) and discovering the wonders.

Travel Republic Cruise Sets Sail

Now, let us also dispel the myth that a cruise holiday is a lot more expensive than a standard fly and stay holiday.

With flights, hotel stays and transfers all included in the cost, before you even get on the ship, ‘cruise and stay’ holidays give you a lot for your money.

Then once on board the cruise element itself has so much included it is like an all inclusive holiday.*

So without further ado, here are some great value examples of ‘cruise and stay’ holidays that will help you see so much in just one trip:

1) New York and the Caribbean

New York

The ultimate city and beach holiday combined, our New York and Caribbean offer is from just £1300 for 12-nights. Fly to New York City and stay in a wonderful hotel, from which you can enjoy the famous sights, or shop til you drop.

After two nights you hit the ship, a luxurious liner, offering everything from a wonderful pool, indulgent spa, casual cafes, sumptuous evening buffets and high-class evening entertainment. On board you can relax as hard as you like or keep busy, while you head to the Caribbean – once there you visit a total of four different islands. Now, how else could you do all that all in twelve days?

St Thomas Virgin Islands

2) Middle Eastern Wonders & Gems of the Golden Triangle


Tick off several Indian wonders and Middle Eastern delights in the same trip!

This incredible holiday will let you immerse yourself in the vibrant colours, sights and sounds of exotic India, home of the Golden Triangle – a must on any bucket list of places to see in the world! After an enlightening seven-day tour you will begin a voyage of discovery around enigmatic Arabia.

This trip takes in; Dubai, Khasab, Muscat and Abu Dhabi. 14-nights from £1500 – this incredible value ‘cruise and stay’ trip allows your budget to literally take you further!

Dubai city

3) Treasures of the Mediterranean


Barcelona, Cartagena, Gibraltar, Marseille, Genoa. Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Civitavecchia (Rome) – all in one trip!

This ‘cruise and stay’ really can help you tick off many Med gems in just one holiday, and from just £999 for 9-nights.

Start your holiday in Barcelona, where you can stroll amongst the iconic works of Gaudi and sip a sangria as you watch the sunset over this colourful city and the bright blue sea beyond, before you sail away into the azure waters of the Mediterranean to visit top destinations in both France and Italy – three countries in just nine days!


So you see, it could be that the best way to see the world… is to sea the world!

Check out all Travel Republic Cruise holidays for endless possibilities.

*All deals are different so please check before you book. Unlike standard land-based all inclusive holidays, drinks may not be included, but can often be added for a small additional amount, or paid for as you go.