#SingIt In Manchester – We Spread Cheer Among Commuters

20th January, a cold gloomy Wednesday in January, we attempted to cheer up the commuters of Manchester, by planting actors in the crowd, who then suddenly burst into song!

In locations near Piccadilly Station and Piccadilly Gardens the actors sung our new National Anthem (from our TV ad), our uplifting ode the The Travel Republic – the land of holidays.

Many commuters responded with and smile and a laugh, with some stopping to take pictures and film the spectacle. Some have been sharing it on social media with the #SingIt.

Sing It Manchester


One commuter said, “It brings a smile to your face when you see something like this, doesn’t it? I’ve seen things like this before online but it’s never happened to me! Yeah, it has certainly made me chuckle this morning. They were singing about holidays, which always makes people happy.”