Six Great Ideas for your 2020 Summer Holiday

Do you prefer a short and sweet break? Want to a summer holiday in 2020 that’s close to home but not sure where to go?

Whether you’re beach babe or a city slicker, you’re sure to find the ideal destination with our list of 2020 summer holiday ideas. These short-haul breaks are just what you need and are bound to give you a great adventure to look forward to.


Boasting the perfect combination of vibrant city life, traditional Spanish cuisine and historic architecture, Barcelona has been a long-time favourite for those seeking short summer breaks from the UK. It’s not difficult to see why. Plaça de Catalunya and Las Ramblas – right in the heart of the city – are full of fantastic shopping choices, gorgeous architecture and great bars. Travel just a few minutes via taxi and you’ll be treated to a sprawling coastline of golden sand fading into bright blue sea.

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There truly is something to offer everyone in the Catalan capital. Whether you choose to go for a week or a weekend, Barcelona has everything you need. Tuck into the most delicious seafood paella and sample some fruity sangria. Enjoy world class football and architecture – and relax with the naturally laid-back vibe this city exudes.


If you’re looking to live it up with plenty of parties, Ibiza is the place for you. Nicknamed ‘the party island’, there certainly isn’t a shortage of clubs and bars. With a contagiously fun atmosphere, even those who don’t normally enjoy parties are guaranteed to let their hair down and have a great time in Ibiza. Plus, some of the world’s best DJs flock to Ibiza for a chance to play at one of the many famous clubs.

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Port de Portinatx - Ibiza

Don’t overlook the more peaceful side of Ibiza, though. Take time out of your busy holiday to relax on the beach, watching as the sun sets into the turquoise sea. Framed by vibrant green palm trees and exotic flowers, the beaches are a tropical haven that sun-seekers will delight in. There are a number to choose from, all of which have a different vibe. Surrounded by rugged cliffside and forestry, the scenic Cala Carbó is best for lazy days sunbathing. Las Salinas, on the other hand, is favoured by party people who want to spend their day on a buzzing beach surrounded by music and beach bars.


Often described as one of the most beautiful cities in France, Bordeaux lives up to its billing. A simple stroll through the streets will make you fall in love, with awe-inspiring architecture sitting alongside a stunning riverbank. It’s also renowned for being the wine capital of the world and is home to the Cité du Vin – a world famous wine museum that sports an intriguing glass design. Here you can learn more about wine production in Bordeaux through videos, exhibitions and seminars before sampling some of the local produce yourself at the nearby wine bars.

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Bordeaux isn’t short of majestic architecture and galleries either, making it a bucket-list topper for those looking for a cultural getaway.


Amsterdam’s cobbled streets and celebrated canals have won admirers from across the globe for centuries – and they continue to make this a perfect city break destination. Cycle through this charming city on your summer holiday to explore this Dutch marvel at your own leisurely pace. There are a plethora of fascinating museums, enchanting art galleries and charming coffee shops on every corner, so your short summer break will be packed full of chances to relax as well as explore. The Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh Museum are major highlights – book in advance to add them to your itinerary.

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With an artistic and historic centre, Amsterdam is a hub of shopping and food as well as culture. The vegan and vegetarian scene is particularly popular, with a myriad of specialty restaurants at every turn.


Famed for its luxurious atmosphere, you can often rub shoulders with celebrities as you walk across the Marbella’s stunning beach. One glance at the calm blue sea and pearly white sand will leave you with little doubt as to why the stars flock to this Spanish city, particularly in the hot summer months. It’s an opulent paradise packed with natural beauty, upmarket boutiques and a long coastline of sparkling sea. If you’re seeking sun, glamour and pure relaxation, Marbella is the place for you.

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Canary Islands

Last, but certainly not least, are the Canary Islands. There are eight main islands of which four are well favoured amongst tourists: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. All of them offer long coastlines of crystal clear water, tropical palm trees and powdery sand. Regardless of which island you choose to stay on, you’ll be offered a piece of paradise as soon as you leave the plane.

Taking around four hours from London, this isn’t the shortest of flights on the list but is a great choice for those who want some guaranteed sunshine without going too far from home. Whether you want to sit back and sunbathe or go on a hike, you’re guaranteed to have a great time on one of these beautiful islands.

Decided which destination is for you? Start planning your trip early so you can look forward to your next big adventure.