Six Romantic Things to Do in Paris

A vibrant Latin Quarter, influential architecture and world-renowned art galleries; Paris is famous for many things. From food to iconic monuments, Paris has its own atmosphere where love, romance and its decadent heritage can be discovered.

Follow the Renaissance poets and writers to the city of love, which is magical no matter what time of year you visit. Explore the iconic, gleaming glass structure and art inside that’s equally as impressive in The Louvre, find a hidden speakeasy down cobbled streets and visit the spectacular Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.

As well as all this, here are some of the other romantic things to do in Paris that will make your next couple’s city break extra special.

1. Take in the beauty of the city at the Eiffel Tower

Towering 324 meters over the river Seine, the huge wrought-iron structure is hard to resist as it beckons you to the most romantic city in Europe. The Eiffel Tower’s unique lattice pattern is one of the world’s most iconic attractions. Stroll along the tree-lined promenade to walk where many lovers and dreamers have walked before.

Paris, France

Near to the riverside, there’s a working vintage carousel and throughout the park you’ll find idyllic picnic spots beside duck ponds nestled within the nature. There are three viewing platforms at different points up the scaling monument and a restaurant on the first floor. There are many ways in which you and your loved one can experience the Eiffel Tower and take in unforgettable panoramas of the city.

2. Discover elegance at the Palace of Versailles

With trains departing from Paris to Versailles regularly, it’s worth making the half an hour journey to marvel over the exquisite beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palace of Versailles spans for more than 721,0000 square feet and was notorious for its lavish and frivolous lifestyle of its resident, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before and during the French Revolution in 1789.

Paris, France

Dripped in gold, the palace has over 700 rooms all designed and styled with art, fabrics and furniture from world-renowned artists and craftsmen. Wander through the palace and its vast gardens and revel in its exquisite beauty. See the famous Hall of Mirrors which spans 73 meters and shimmers with chandeliers, 357 mirrors, marble statues, detailed frescos and an epic embellished ceiling. Adorning the walls are 30 paintings that commemorate the political, economic and artistic heritage of France.

3. Explore the Parc Buttes-Chaumont

Even in the chillier February months, a stroll through the Parc Buttes-Chaumont has a magical charm about it. Built over a former quarry in the 19th-century, the landscape rolls, creating a natural paradise where towering trees shadow idyllic waterfalls and a babbling stream flows through the greenery. It’s one of the largest parks in the city and at its centre is one of the most romantic spots in Paris.

Paris, France

Follow the circling path across the iron bridge to the top of the rocky Belvedere Island – a signifier to it quarry past. Flourishing green vines and shrubbery leak out between the rocks giving it a fairytale, fable atmosphere. From the park’s highest point on top of this rugged island is the charming Temple de la Sybille. This pavilion looks out across the park and beyond to the Parisian architecture.

4. Cruise along the River Seine

Sit back and relax as you ride through the waves of the River Seine. There are lots of different cruises you can join that tour the riverbanks all day and night, which allow you to experience true romance as the sun sets. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than cosying up together, taking in some of the world’s most famous sights and attractions from the comfort of an open-air sightseeing cruise.

Paris, France

Step onboard to embark on a romantic journey around this exquisite city as you enjoy a dinner cruise accompanied by the twinkling sounds of the sophisticated onboard entertainment. Most of the sailing restaurants are enclosed by glass, which means you can enjoy the lights twinkle across the city after dark.

5. See something magical at the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées 

For events and exhibitions, visit the Grand Palais to witness fashion, art and sporting history in action. Built in the late 19th century, its main attraction is the huge glass ceiling that covers the nave- it’s the largest glass roof in the whole of Europe. 6,000 tonnes of steel was used to create this monument which is more than what was used to construct the Eiffel tower.

Paris, France

From contemporary art exhibitions, designer fashion catwalks and showcases, as well as live music and sport, over 40 prestigious annual events take place throughout the several exhibition spaces. In the winter, the nave turns into a huge indoor ice rink where you can skate under the stars. Built just off of the Champs-Élysées promenade, pay a visit to see something spectacular.

6. Dinner for two

There’s nothing quite like dining over a candlelit dinner for two in one of the gastronomical capitals of the world. With over 100 Michelin-star restaurants in Paris alone, the French are famous for their fine dining where the wine pairing is equally as impressive as the food itself. No matter what your budget, whether you would prefer to grab a quick bite to eat in an authentic patisserie, or would prefer a sit-down meal, the fantastic flavours of Paris can be enjoyed. With delicious cuisine to try, tantalise your taste buds with artisan cheeses, onion soup, rich beef bourguignon or ratatouille. Be brave and try garlic escargots (snails) or a plate of Cuisses de Grenouille (frogs legs).

Paris, France

The French are also famous for their delicious sweet desserts, so make sure you treat yourself to layered crepes, caramelised Tarte Tatin, uniformed macarons and buttery croissants and pastries. Sit down in a serene setting, sample some of the best food in the world and spend quality time with your loved one.

If this has inspired you to choose the city of love for your next destination, search for the perfect hotel too!