Spain’s beautiful south: Where to enjoy the winter sun in Andalucia

If you’re looking to get away from England to relish in some winter sun, Spain could be your best bet. Many people like to be away from the cold when the temperature starts to drop and for many families, it can be more beneficial to go somewhere fairly local. From the UK, Spain is only a short distance, which means you can enjoy a visit over winter and still make it home in time for Christmas.

Winter is almost unheard of in Andalucia, with the scorching sunshine reigning over the cities in the region, despite the temperature dropping in other locations throughout the country. All year round you’ll enjoy sizzling temperatures in the south, and while it’s almost unbearable in the height of summer, winter is the perfect temperature for tourists.

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Why visit Spain in the winter?

With a long list of places to go in Spain, there are plenty of reasons why this stunning country is the ideal place to spend the winter months. As the temperature drops in the UK and we notice the evenings getting darker, it’s no surprise that people decide to jet overseas instead. The weather in the south of Spain averages at around 16-18°C, which is substantially higher than that of the UK.

The days are longer, with around 10 hours of sunshine per day, allowing you to watch the sunset in the evening, which is particularly beautiful if you have the opportunity to watch it set over the sea. While the weather is definitely a reason to go to Spain, with low rainfall, higher temperatures and sun, the parties also bring a lot of people in.

Winter fiestas are big in Spain, many people may think the party season dies down once September comes, but it is stronger than ever in December. You may miss celebrating Christmas at home, but it’s a huge celebration in Spain, so you won’t miss out on any of the fun – just the cold weather.

Christmas celebrations in Spain are quite different from the UK. While Christmas Day is mostly associated with food, in Spain it’s filled with leftovers. Christmas Eve is the country’s big food event, it’s usually quite formal and people tend to get dressed up as they start the celebrations.

Where to go in Andalucia for winter sun

If you’re planning on soaking up some winter sun in Andalucia, here are three locations to consider.

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Try Costa Del Sol on for size

Andalucia looks after a number of different regions in the south of Spain, including Costa Del Sol, which is an ideal destination for people to spend their winter. During this time, it’s likely that the number of tourists will drop, but the quality of the surroundings will still remain impressive.

It’s been labelled as a great place to go sightseeing and do outdoor activities as a result of the mild weather. While there is snow nearby which covers the mountain tops, the beautiful sunshine transforms it into the perfect winter location. Particularly if you’re into golf, Costa Del Sol is one of Europe’s best winter golfing destinations. If the warm weather over winter isn’t going to encourage you to jet away for a couple of weeks, then the activities available might.

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Costa del Sol - Fuengirola

Make the most of it in Malaga

Alternatively, Malaga is an ideal spot to spend the winter, with this warm location still boasting long days and gorgeous evening sunsets. While you would usually spend your holiday sunning it up on the beach, with the empty streets and slightly cooler waters it’s worth exploring villages instead. The experience is likely to be better because the city won’t be crowded, allowing you to take in the views.

Malaga has previously been voted one of the best places to spend the holidays in Spain, and there are multiple Christmas markets available to make it feel you feel right at home.

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Mix things up in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most exclusive beach resorts in Spain, particularly in the south. With a mixture of white buildings and cobbled streets, it is a gorgeous rural location which remains a popular resort all year round. There are a number of things to do in Marbella, as well as soaking up the sun, including shopping and bike tours.

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Whether you’re deciding to go away to celebrate or for the weather, it seems Spain is the place to go, and tourists continue to flock back year after year. Tourism in Spain is constantly booming – even more so if you’re there in the summer. If you would rather go on holiday when there are fewer people, spending your winter in Spain is the ideal getaway.