The best places for chocolate around the world

Did you know it’s Chocolate Week this week? Chocolate has to be one of my favourite things in the world (bold statement I know, but I stand by it), so naturally I jumped at the chance to write a blog about it. Chocolate has been enjoyed for thousands of years; it’s delicious and loved all over the world, so of course we needed a week to celebrate it! I’ve decided to pick out some top attractions and hotels that any chocolate fanatic should visit, hope you’re hungry!

Chocolate Train

The Chocolate Train, Montreux, Switzerland
Ok before you make any assumptions I can confirm the train is not made of chocolate, but don’t let that disappoint you. The Chocolate Train runs daily from Montreux to Gruyeres, to Broc and then back. The train is a vintage 1915 Pullman car, and on the journey you’ll get to enjoy croissants and coffee on route to Gruyeres, where you’ll get to visit a cheese factory (there is also a cheese train but that opens up a whole other discussion), finally ending up in Broc at the Cailler/Nestle factory where you’ll get a tour, presentation and of course chocolate sampling.

Chocolate Polish

The Chocolate Spa, The Hotel Hershey, Hershey, USA.
Apparently there are more uses to chocolate than eating it! In the spa at Hotel Hershey you can pick from a range of delicious treatments, some of which include the cocoa massage, chocolate facial, chocolate bean polish, chocolate fondue wrap and finally a whipped cocoa bath. I’m sure I’m not the first to think that the temptation to lick the chocolate off during treatment would be very strong? If you like pampering and chocolates, in particular Hershey’s, then you can see our range of Hershey hotels here, the spa is open 7 days a week and booking is essential.


The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth, UK
Any chocolate fan will have their addiction satisfied after staying at The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, which ‘positively encourages you to indulge your every chocoholic whim and impulse’. The hotel has its own in-house chocolatier, who provides the ‘finest, most aromatic chocolate’. All guests at the hotel can enjoy a bedtime treat, which consists of a chocolate hand-moulded into the shape of the hotel. At the hotel bar you won’t find any nuts; instead you can enjoy a range of chocolate treats and fountains which are dotted around the hotel at weekends. You can also request to have your own chocolate fountain in your room. The hotel is of course decorated in beige and browns to really enhance the fact that this hotel is all about chocolate.

Chocolate Chicken

Chocochicken, LA, USA
If you’re after something a little different with your chocolate then Chocochicken could be worth a try. The clue is in the name, the restaurant serves chicken deep fried in chocolate. Though it’s not the most refined way of eating chocolate it’s certainly a way I’ve never heard of and I’d be interested in trying it! The chicken is deep fried in 62% bittersweet chocolate and coated in a mixture of 20 spices. The chicken can also be accompanied by chocolate ketchup, mash potatoes with a white chocolate chive butter and duck fat fries with a special chocolate seasoning. If you’re in LA and want to go to the restaurant, or if you want to visit LA just to eat here then we have a huge range of LA hotels to stay in.

Chocolate buffet
The Chocolate Buffet, The Langham Boston Hotel, USA
The buffet at the Langham is not only a chocolate-only buffet, it’s an all you can eat chocolate-only buffet! Yep the Café Fleuri can be found within the Boston hotel, and offers a choice of over 100 chocolate desserts, from which you can satisfy all your chocolate needs! The all you can eat chocolate buffet is only available on Saturdays, September to June and an adult buffet costs $42.

Landeau choc cake

Landeau Chocolate, Lisbon, Portugal
This is a very famous café in Lisbon that is renowned for its chocolate cake. In fact it’s the only thing on the menu! This cake is often described as the best chocolate cake in the world; I guess there’s only one way to find out! The café can be found in the LX Factory, which is a disused factory turned chic boutique, cafes and offices. If you want to travel to Lisbon purely for the cake (and I wouldn’t blame you), you can view our top Lisbon hotels here.

Geiranger Sjokolad, Norway chcoc

Geiranger Sjokolad, Norway
Geiranger Sjokolad chocolate is produced on a boat in the centre of a small village called Geiranger, which is in the Sunnmøre region of Norway. The chocolate is not only renowned for being the first chocolate factory on a boat; it’s also famous for its unusual chocolate flavours. Some of the weird and wonderful flavours include, blue cheese chocolate, dark chocolate with olive oil and sea salt, brown cheese and honey and single malt whiskey. You can visit the chocolate boat house and book a tour of the factory, or you can visit the chocolate shop and café (the chocomania triple hot chocolate is recommended).

Have you had enough chocolate yet? There are so many more chocolate experiences I could mention, but then that could get a little sickly. I hope my list of chocolate treats has helped to satisfy your cravings, if not then perhaps you should go visit one of these delightful adventures, I know I’ve got my eye on a few of them!

Is there anything that sticks out to you? Anything you think I’ve left out? Let me know!



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