The Best Urban Beaches in Europe

Just because a city isn’t by the sea doesn’t mean it can’t still have a beach!

Urban beaches are artificially created to simulate what we love best about the seaside; parasols, ice cream and sand in between your toes. Even though they might not be your typical beach, we think urban beaches are a great idea, especially if you want to combine the best of a city break with a beach holiday.

Take a look at our list of the best urban beaches in Europe.



In recent years, Paris has run with the idea of urban beaches, and now boasts some amazing riverside gems along the Seine.

These Paris-Plages have been popping up on the Seine since 2002, and offer something for everyone, whether it’s exclusive underground clubs or open-air cinemas. Although you can’t swim in the river, the 5,000 tonnes of sand and classic deckchairs evoke everything that we Brits love about an afternoon at the seaside.



Vienna is not a place you would immediately associate with a beach holiday, but venture to the Danube Island and you’ll find your opinion rapidly changes!

During the summer months, the Danube Island comes alive with plenty to keep you entertained, including open water swimming, water skiing and surfing. There’s even a water adventure ground for children, not to mention a trampoline park and the Danube Island Climbing Park.

Of course, if you’d rather take it easy, then you won’t struggle to find a spot by the calm waters where you can sit back and top up your tan.



Boasting one of the liveliest urban beach scenes, Berlin is perfect for couples or groups of friends looking to enjoy a last minute city break in the sun.

You’ll find countless trendy bars and barbecues along the Spree, with soft sands, palm trees and deck chairs to set the scene. And as the sun begins to set, the beachside clubs come to life, serving up the latest in techno music whilst making the most of the surroundings.



Every summer, Southbank transforms into a sandy paradise, proving you don’t have to be at the seaside to enjoy the beach. Not only can you build sandcastles next to the River Thames, but there are also plenty of free and ticketed events that take place at Southbank during the summer months, including live performances and pop-up bars.



It may be landlocked, but Prague still has its own beach!

On the banks of Vltava River, you’ll find an urban beach that rivals the likes of Miami, complete with its own floating pool which sits atop of the river.

There’s also plenty to do on Prague’s urban beach, from volleyball to badminton, although nobody could blame you for taking it easy in one of the hammocks or deckchairs overlooking the river. In the evenings, you can expect live concerts to usher in the sunset.