The 10 emotional stages of going on holiday

Holidays are the best, they’re what we look forward to all year round, and we love them, fact. I’ve come to realise that there are several different emotions that you will experience, before, during and after your holiday. So in order for you to diagnose your emotions I’ve pulled together the 10 emotional stages of going on holiday. And of course what better way to explain emotions than GIF’s?

1- Frustration – You’ve decided you want to go on holiday. You’ve searched many websites to find your perfect deal and you’re getting anxious to book. (P.s. this stage is easily avoided if you come straight to Travel Republic)

Computer angry

2- Smugness –Its ok it’s booked- whoo hoo, obligatory update to let everyone know you are going on holiday.

Happy Computer

3- Impatience- Holiday countdown, xx more sleeps, hurry up!

Impatient waiting

4- Panic- We’re leaving tomorrow, what do I need to buy, have I forgotten anything, what’s the weather like? Oh god I see a cloud….


5-Excitement- You’re on the way to the airport, you don’t even mind that it’s 4am.

Excited Minion

6- Even more excitement- You’ve arrived at the hotel and you love it, ahhh yeah!

Pleased with yourself

7-Pure Joy- You’re having the time of your life on this holiday.

Beach Dance

8- Contentment- Ahh this is bliss, it doesn’t get any better.

Dogs relaxing on beach

9-Denial– Oh it’s the last night, oh no, please no, don’t make me leave!

How about no

10- Depressed– You arrive home; it’s just not the same, everyday life and back to work is all that’s on the agenda. You nostalgically look thorough your holiday photos and remember the good times.



Let’s get another holiday booked yeah?
What stage are you at?



All these GIFs were found at Giphy

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